“Psycho Barn” Adds Mystery and Horror to The Met

The rooftop garden at The Met is currently showing a quite different form of art, a haunting multi-story home they like to call “Psycho Barn.”

Abi Kloosterman/The Quadrangle

The exhibition sits atop the otherwise calm and serene rooftop. The “Psycho Barn” is the mixture of a classic barn, red panels and white lining, but in the style of the house from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film “Psycho.”

While this seems like a stark contrast from the bright, green garden, the large piece of art itself makes itself well known and stands out in the most complementary way. At first thought, the house may seem to possibly obstruct the sprawling view of Manhattan. However, the barn is tucked into a corner that makes it the perfect location for an art piece of this scale.

The rooftop at The Met is possibly one of the best parts of the city. Offering rooftop views of a never-ending city, the rooftop garden is one of the most accessible and wonderful parts of anyone’s visit to the Met. Exhibiting a large replica of a terrifying haunted house has just the right amount of contrast to the regular scene to make it interesting without being annoying.

The movie “Psycho” checks into the most terrifying parts of the mind and is the definition of a psychological thriller. It mixes murder, darkness, insanity and mystery into one black and white film, whose murder scene remains in the minds of those who have seen the movie.

Hitchcock’s murder scene in “Psycho” features the horrifying scream of a woman and little to no violence, making the movie itself iconic, among other reasons. The brightness and happiness of the rooftop at The Met is a stark contrast to the mental images one might have in their mind about “Psycho Barn.”

Something about the house atop the roof brings out a fascination with the darkness and gore of Hitchcock’s film. Admittedly, many enjoy violent and horrifying films because of the psychological thrill of the mystery of murder and psychotic behavior. Setting this house atop such a lovely part of the city does just this.

What is fascinating about the house is the connotation that comes along with it. It is not just a home or a barn. Of course, a large replica of a house on top of a large rooftop is interesting in itself, but the connotation of psychotic mystery and violence makes it enticing and terrifying to think about.

“Psycho Barn” is a sight to see, with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop and the sun hitting it just right from every angle. The large-scale art piece is on exhibition April through October and undoubtedly, will take on a truly eerie form during its last days on view in the fall.