Also on Campus

Sigma Tau Delta’s Read Aloud

This past Wednesday, April 20, Sigma Tau Delta performed their annual read aloud, reading “Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen aloud in the quad for any passing student to hear. Sigma Tau Delta is Manhattan College’s English Honors society.

Student’s were encouraged to read any length of the book aloud, and Sigma TD was happy with the level of participation. The entire novel was finished during the day.

The read aloud was to increase interest in reading and build a sense of community around the English department.

A guest lecturer also came to speak on the topics of Jane Austen and social media.

Raymond Kelly Visits Campus

Raymond Kelly visited campus to sign and hand out copies of his book “Vigilance” this past Wednesday, April 20.

Being on an accepted students day, Kelly greeted current students as well perspective students and their families in the Kelly Student Commons, a building that was named after him in 2014.

Raymond Kelly Graduated from Manhattan College is 1963 and later became the New York City police commissioner.

International Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding Program

The International Lasallian Leadership and Global Understanding Program is seeking student leaders to travel to Mexico this July to work for social justice, improve leadership skills, gain global perspectives, and continue to develop the traits of a true Lasallian.

Forty Lasallian college students will come together July 3 through July 16. Eligible Jasper students are both invited and encouraged to apply.

The trip will specifically take place in Mexico City and Cuernavaca.

The cost of attendance has yet to be determined, but is estimated to be no more than 500 dollars per student.

The deadline to apply is Friday, April 29.