Springfest Brings Heightened Security and Student Excitement to Campus

By Jenna Bloomer & Lauren Carr, Staff Writer and Senior Writer

In previous years, there have been multiple problems during Springfest, causing public safety to step in. This year, Student Activities is taking necessary precautions to prevent this year’s event from getting out of control.

The destruction, underage drinking, a even a sexual assault has caused Student Activities to be more careful about the activities of this year’s event. Manhattan College is taking steps to ensure student’s safety and to prevent the event from getting out of control, according to John Bennett, president of Student Activities.

“Our goal is never to be extra ‘strict,’ but to provide a safe and fun environment for our students, especially as the end of the semester is approaching,” Bennett said.

The issue with last year’s event was not the students, according to Bennett. He said the students were the more well behaved than in the past.

“Last year, a non-student just about ruined the whole day. Our students themselves actually were so well behaved and I’m really proud of them,” Bennett said.

Because of this, Student Activities and Public Safety are being extra careful about the security for this year, to ensure that an incident like last year’s does not happen again.

“Public Safety will be on higher alert along with Residence Life in the days leading up to the Spring Concert, and on the day itself, when it’s all hands on deck,” Bennett said. According to him, if students follow the rules and obey the guest policy it should be a good day for everyone.

The events for Springfest are all free with a student ID and on April 18th Student Activities started selling 100 outside guest tickets for $40. Those guests will be the only ones to be given overnight guest passes for the weekend.

There will be an ambulance on campus along with outside security hired by the school, according to Bennett.

“Last year, our students were the best behaved they have ever been in the neighborhood so we’re very proud of that! We’re hoping our students are respectful of the neighborhood and noise again this year.”

While Student Activities is excited for the event the students are as well. Students have seen a lot of changes with this event in the last few years and for some they hope this is the best one yet.

“In my four years here this event has changed so much and I’m looking forward to my last Spring Fest,” senior Adam Barillas said. “I’m really excited for T-Pain, that was a great choice compared to the last few years.”

Just like every year Student Activities has been working with students to help get an idea of what the students want to see for the biggest event of the year. However, some students have felt that updates for the event have not been promoted correctly.

“As a former student who used to live on campus I feel as though they are not connected to commuter students at all,” senior Cierra Howard said. “I kind of feel like out of the loop. I never really see any signs for anything really because a majority of the notices of upcoming events are put in Thomas hall which no commuter ever really needs to go to.”

For more updates and information about SpringFest make sure to follow Student Activities on Twitter: @MCStudAct.