Students React to T-Pain Selection for SpringFest

By Kelly Burns & Kieran Rock, Editors

As The Quadrangle announced on March 8 2016 T-Pain will be the artist for this year’s Springfest. With the changes that have come to the Springfest line ups over the past 3 years, some students feel that T-Pain is returning to the Springfest program to what it used to be.

“As a senior here, I think we’ve had a mix of artists come for Springfest, ranging from Alesso my freshman year to a less dramatic Kellie Pickler” senior Dara Lillis said. “I think T-Pain is a good meet somewhere in the middle of those two.”

Other students wanted the other artists offered in the top five. The Fray, Linkin Park, G-Eazy, Logic were the other choices. One twitter replied to The Quadrangles announcement with a tweet that read “can @linkinpark come anyway?”

Other students wanted another choice. “I would have liked to see the Fray on the Quad,” junior Matt King said. “I voted for G-Eazy,” Thomas Aldridge said.

Still, most students seem exicted for T-Pain’s performance, even if they are not avid fans. “I’m not really the biggest TPain fan, but I think he can bring a lot of positive energy to Springfest,” sophomore TJ Harrington said.

Senior Sarah DeCaro has seen T-Pain perform before and thinks the concert will bring a good energy to Springfest as well. “When I saw TPain in Barcelona I was not sure what to expect. I can now say it was one of the best nights of my life. He sang all the classics and had the crowd singing all night. It was entertaining to see an American artist in a foreign country and everyone still knew every line to each song,” DeCaro said.

The Springfest concert will take place on April 23 in Draddy Gymnasium.

“I will 100% be there I’ll be bringing back all my 9th grade memories,” Lillis said. “My 9th grade self will be so happy.”