Acai Has Arrived at Locke’s

By Emilia Dronkert, Contributor

In the last few weeks, breakfast people have been excited about a new addition to the usual breakfast spread in Locke’s Loft. Meet acai, the Brazilian superfood that is changing the breakfast game. While you might have heard it referred to as “raspberry sorbet” or “that purple ice cream,” it is actually completely lactose-free and healthy.

Made of pureed acai berries, water and cane syrup, Locke’s acai is a great option for the lactose-free crowd and for anyone who seeks a light, healthy breakfast. Many Jaspers are raving about this introduction to a new and different breakfast option.

“I felt like a kid again,” Olyvia Chaltas, a freshman California native, said. “I felt like I had a pure euphoric moment of bliss and I just wanted to jump up and down and clap my hands with joy. It was good.”

Acai is majorly popular on the West Coast, with specific “acai cafes” seemingly all over.

While it is not yet as popular on the East Coast as it in the west, acai is rapidly gaining followers. In New York, you can find acai bowls at Juice Generation, Pure Green and the Juice Shop. An average acai bowl usually costs around $10. But Locke’s provides students and faculty with an inexpensive way to enjoy the same fruity treat.

acai bowl 2
Photo by Kyleigh Panetta, The Quadrangle

“It is definitely different and something new,” Nicole Aylmer said. “I wish they had it for lunch.”

There are infinite ways to eat acai, but a popular way is the most simple. Top three scoops of acai with granola, shredded coconut and a sliced banana. Add a drizzle of honey to finish it off. But be careful, you may become addicted to this, consider yourself warned.

Many Jaspers are equally as happy with the taste of acai as they are with the overall healthiness of the superfood, which is packed with antioxidants. “I was ecstatic. I love the health benefits acai provides,” Phillip Mourikes said. “It is a great way to brighten the morning.”

acai bowl 1.png
Photo by Kyleigh Panetta, The Quadrangle

Acai is available during breakfast hours at Locke’s Loft, and it is definitely worth getting out of bed for. Meshail Alvi, a freshman, says she was “so excited,” when she heard acai had come to Locke’s, but unfortunately, has not had a chance to try it herself. If you’re like Alvi and haven’t yet experienced Locke’s acai, get yourself a bowl as soon as possible. Your body, and your taste buds, will thank you.

“I love when Locke’s adds new things to the menu,” Troy Golding said. “It keeps me excited to eat there.”