Promising Start for the Jaspers Fueled by the Bond Shared Between the Tight Knit Team

by Angela Quadrini, Guest Writer

The Manhattan College Women’s Lacrosse team came into this 2016 season with their minds set on one thing, winning.

Last season, its record was 4-13. This season the team has started off well with a current record of 2-3, winning half as many games last season just within the first five games.

After many losses, the hunger for wins is as strong as ever. Junior attack, Darby Nolan says the team came into the season with motivation to win for each other.

“We have different mindsets this year,” Nolan says, “We want to win. Last year we did want to win, but there is something different, something more positive that is motivating the team this season.”

Coming into the season, the Jaspers felt they had something to prove to everyone who has doubted them because of past seasons.

“We want to show people how good we are and we want to show our talent level,” Nolan says. “In the past, we haven’t been able to show people how well we compete, but this year the team is coming together to show we can win and beat good teams.”

The team owes its recent success to its bond and connection on and off the field. The bonds are something that have also strengthened the team as a whole as apposed to last season’s team.

Senior midfielder Megan Yarusso believes the team is closer than ever before.

“We have a better connection with one and other where as in previous years we were a separated group,” she says. “You would get the distant feeling from our team. With many new freshman players joining the roster, the team is feeding off each other in ways they didn’t last season.”

“We’re coming together as more of a team rather than individuals,” Nolan says.

Along with new players, came new responsibilities for the veteran players such as Yarusso and Nolan.

“This season we have a wide range of talent on the team, people in different grades who can contribute and put points on the board.” Yarusso says.

Wanting to set examples for the younger girls, older players made sure the new freshman felt comfortable at all costs.

“We want the younger girls to not feel like they’re freshman on the field,” Nolan says. “Since our defense unit made up of mostly underclassmen, we want them to have the confidence of a senior and to no be scared or act scared.”

One message that runs through the women’s lacrosse team is that it is okay to make a mistake.

“It’s better to make one in practice since that is where we will learn how to be better and correct our flaws,” Yarusso says.

They both believe that having the players get out of their comfort zones is the best way to see what they can and can’t do. The older girls stress that everyday to younger players.

On the back of the Manhattan College Lacrosse warm-up shirts it says family. A fitting message for what this season has been about.

“We want to come together as not just teammates, but friends sisters even” Nolan says. “If we keep working well as a unit, it’ll come together for us.”