Also on Campus

Student Government

On Monday, Mar. 21. 2016, Student Government election applications will be ready for students to pick up and begin filling out. Applications will be available in the Student Activities office which is located in Kelly Commons.

Student Government allows students to become leaders on campus by making changes to current policies, running school events, being a voice for students, and much more.

Residents as well as commuters are welcome to hold a Student Government office.

An information session will later be held on Mar. 30. 2016, at noon in Kelly Commons 3B regarding this process.


Discount memberships for Zipcars are now available to students and staff at Manhattan College.

By joining Zipcar, Ford is promoting a program which gives students and staff a $10 off membership.

Zipcar is in partnership with Manhattan College, and gives people the option to rent a vehicle and drive to a destination of their choice, rather than take public transportation.

All who are over the age of eighteen can drive cars by either the hour or the day, and gas and insurance is included in the fee.

Sedans, hybrids, vans and more can be chosen when renting a Zipcar.

Peer Advisor

The application deadline for becoming a Peer Career Advisor (PCA) is due Apr. 1. 2016.

This opportunity gives students the chance to help out their fellow students academically, while also gaining professional work experience.

Students can apply today by searching, “http://BIT.LY/MC_PCA”.

Upcoming Registration

Registration advisement for the communication department started this week.

Web registration for athletes and seniors begins on Apr.1.