Voices on the Quad

“Do you think your gender affects your experience as an M.C. student? If so, how?”


Sarah Pardade

Freshman Marketing and Global Business Double Major

“Yeah definitely, I think that there’s this perception that if you’re a girl you’re not as smart as a dude. For example, even though my comments about something are sometimes more logical than those of my male classmates, the professor considers them more; It happens to me a lot in Economics and Marketing class.”


Joseph Seo

Freshman Mechanical Engineering Student

“No, I don’t feel like gender is a big problem in the school. Even though I am Asian and the school is pretty much white-based, they [MC students] have manners, they hold doors for each other and say thank you after someone does something nice for them.”


Mariah McCaughney

Senior History and Philosophy Major

“I honestly don’t think my gender affects my experience here at MC. My economic background and the fact that I’m not an athlete affects more than the fact that I’m a female. MC is one of the places during the day where I don’t feel as if everything is gender biased.”