Also on Campus

Take Back the Night

Manhattan College’s second annual “Take Back The night” will be held on Mar. 22, 2016 from 5 to 8 p.m. The evening will be held in Smith Auditorium and the Quad.

“Take Back the Night” was created to raise awareness in regards to sexual violence.

In preparation to the event, O’Malley Library on campus has displayed a collection of books such as Vernon R. Wiehe and Ann L. Richards’ “Intimate Betrayal”, and “Athletes and Acquaintance Rape” by Jeffrey R. Benedict, to name a few.

“Take Back the Night” posters on campus read statistics such as “1 in 5 women students in college campuses will experience sexual assault,” and “90 percent of women in undergraduate programs will experience some form of sexual violence while on campus.”

“Take Back the Night” is an attempt to raise awareness and diminish these statistics.


New RA’s On Campus

The process for selecting next years Resident Advisors began in Dec. of 2015, and continued this past week with interviews. New RA’s will be chosen and notified between spring break and Easter.

“This year we are on the high end of our normal range. 115 students applied to be first-year RA’s next year,” said Andrew Weingarten, Director of Residence Life.

Weingarten added that there are 52 budgeted RA positions, and about half of those positions are going to be filled by returning RA’s.

“We always see a high number of great RA candidates. It is a hard position to get simply due to the quality of the candidate pool. We always wish we had more positions to offer,” said Weingarten, “We often hire RA’s on their second attempt, after they have used a year to continue their leadership development.”

Social Justice Chat

 On Feb. 26., The Multicultural center, in conjunction with a group of student leaders, hosted a social justice chat in Kelly Commons.

The goal of the chat was to create a space for people to be comfortable with their identity, and discuss important, contemporary issues such as politics and micro aggressions.

“People exist here, this is a community,” said Government Major, Haley Herkert, who is a Junior student leader on campus that attended the event.

35 people showed up to the chat, leaving the hosts pleased to see new faces.

Students who are interested in events like this should visit the multicultural center on campus.