Student Spotlight: Britt Franza

Being a full time student is hard as it is. There is homework, essays, quizzes and tests, balancing it all out is a job. When you add having a social life, a career, and a title to all of that, it is almost impossible to balance everything and still get enough sleep to properly function throughout the day.

Britt Franza is a business finance major is already taking a big step to jump start his career. Franza works in the Wall street area as a financial services representative.

Being licensed in life insurance, Franza meets with clients and consults about different plans and guides them to personalize their budget plan based on their specific needs and earnings.

Not only does he advise people on life insurance, he explains the ins and outs of how money works, how they can save money, earn more money, get out of debt, and get protected financially. To improve himself, Franza is currently working towards his securities licenses series 6, 63, and 65 for investing.

“I started doing this because my friend Julio Garcia recruited me and I took the course, a state run proctored exam, and got my license. He is now my partner,” Franza said.

“We work with major companies like Lincoln Financial, Leg Mason, MetLife, and others. I have not done any work with the annuity or investment companies yet because I need to get my license first but I have done work with the life insurance companies such as Nation Benefit Life which is our main source of life insurance” he said.

Franza meets with clients anywhere from their homes, at Starbucks, or anywhere they feel comfortable. When clients are uncomfortable about his young age, he overcomes that by showing his maturity and professionalism.

On top of working in the financial world, Franza is an information operations officer in the Military. He works with civil affairs and psychological operations.

“My work with the military is a high intelligence demanding job. In the near future I would like to become a helicopter pilot but that might be after I get my degree. This is a temporary position. I work one weekend out of the month with the military but over the summer I spend two weeks away doing straight training” he said.

Being part of an artillery section, Franza gets the opportunity to work with high-ranking personnel ranking from lieutenant to full bird colonel. He works in a headquarters company and is also involved in dropping leaflets or working with psychological operations to see how the enemy operates.

“I got into the military because I used to be at Valley Forge Military College in Pennsylvania before I transferred to here but at my previous school I was a part of the ECP, Early Commissioning Program. The ECP is a form in ROTC but it only takes two years to get your commission instead of four but you have to get your bachelor’s degree to keep it otherwise you are removed from the program, you enlist, and pay back all your money. You have to keep a certain standard to qualify.”

Studying, working, and maintaining a job is difficult but not impossible. Franza proves if you have the determination and will power, you can accomplish it all.