Spring Career Fair Attracts Students and Employers

By Amy Cardoza, Staff Writer

The 2016 Spring Career Fair was held this past Tuesday, Feb. 9, and showcased companies from different industries seeking potential future interns and entry-level employees.

The fair drew 350 students to both the Kelly Commons’ Great Room and the Smith Auditorium. Students say they felt the 87 companies presented an abundance of opportunities.

Career Fair
Photo Courtesy of Manhattan College

This past October, the School for Science and Engineering held the STEM Career Fair and the Business School held the Business Expo. The School of Education plans to host its career fair on March 9.

The 2016 Spring Career fair is the only opportunity on campus for students in the School of Arts to network themselves.

Anna Champagne, a senior broadcast journalism major, expressed her frustration that every other school within Manhattan College has a career fair tailored for them.

“As a communication major, I have never felt that my major, one of the largest at Manhattan College, was equally represented at the career fair,” Champagne said.

However, Nicole Padron, a sophomore business major, said there were a lot more opportunities than she expected there to be.

Padron said she enjoyed the representation of non profit companies at the career fair.

“It reiterates everything we embody as Lasallians, to use our knowledge and experience to give back to others,” Padron said.

According to MC’s website, civil engineering is the college’s largest major, followed by communication.

Career Fair 2
Photo Courtesy of Manhattan College

Chris Hoey, a junior electrical engineering major, felt the fair was a way for anyone to at least practice interview skills and professional development.

“I felt as if everyone had somewhere they could’ve gone to gain some professional experience,” Hoey said.

“Our school does a great job in portraying career fairs exactly as they should be: an opportunity. The experiences you have are entirely what you make of it,” Hoey said.

Champagne, however, said the College’s previous career fairs did not help her find her previous internships with the Dr. Oz Show and Seventeen Magazine.

“It is disheartening, as a senior looking for a job after graduation, to not be able to attend a career fair that was structured for people looking for the same thing as I was,” Champagne said.