The Internship Series: Reflecting on Past Internship Experience

Jacquelyn Beaulieu at her internship with Marie Claire in May of 2015                         Jacquelyn Beaulieu/Courtesy 


“The Devil Wears Prada” means nothing to Manhattan College senior, Jacquelyn Beaulieu. In May of 2015, Jacquelyn landed an internship with Marie Claire Magazine, one of Hearst’s largest fashion publications in the world.

The world of fashion can be cold, crawling with Miranda Priestlys, competitive and somewhat terrifying, however, Beaulieu knows the major keys to success in the fashion industry. From networking to photoshoots, every detail of the process has amazing value in future opportunities.

“Stay focused and be compassionate to everyone you work with, you may not stay at every job you have forever, but your reputation you build for yourself at every establishment will stay with you forever,” Beaulieu said.

Her success started with an internship at Tom Ford. With a major in marketing, she was able to secure her spot as a PR Intern with the world famous designer. She became closer with her boss and once the internship ended was referred to many interviews at Hearst. After interviewing for many different magazines, Beaulieu decided on Marie Claire. “I interviewed and was offered internships at Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar Magazine, however the feeling I had at Marie Claire with the people and atmosphere was the reason I chose to accept the offer at Marie Claire,” she said.

Jacquelyn Beaulieu/Courtesy

Internships not only provide amazing experience and learning opportunities, but also once-in-a-lifetime experiences. At Marie Claire, Beaulieu had the opportunity to be the subject of a photoshoot to represent the interns in an online piece, something that she describes as “one of the best days of my life.”

Similar to many students at Manhattan College, Beaulieu attributes much of her success to the education that the school provides. Small classes and caring professors matter just as much as personal attributes and experience. “The small classes allow the student-teacher connection to grow and face time with teachers has allowed me to really understand what it takes to have a successful and positive professional relationship with higher ups,” Beaulieu said.

Jacqueline Beaulieu/Courtesy

Decoding the intimidating world of fashion is extremely important, but enjoying what you do might be the most important aspect of an internship. Beaulieu not only worked hard for what she accomplished, she also loved every moment of it.

Because her passion led her every step of the way, she was able to stand out to her bosses and build a great reputation for herself at Hearst.

“Every single day, going to work made me excited,” Beaulieu said. “I absolutely loved working every single day even though my hours were crazy, sometimes getting to the office by 8:00a.m. and leaving around 11:00p.m. It was the most fun I have ever had.”