Also On Campus

Blood Drive

On behalf of the New York Blood Center, Account Manager Sean Doyley is very pleased with the community at Manhattan College.

The good feelings are after a blood drive that was held on Wed. Feb. 3. and was located in the Leo Engineering building.

“We were thinking we’d get close to 70 [pints of blood] today, and it looks like we’re gonna get that today.” said Doyley.

“Not only are the students coming out in full force to donate, but they are also coming to help out,” said Doyley, “We’ve had so many students in the past help out. I’m really proud of the students here, they show how it’s supposed to be done in my eyes.”

Super Bowl 50

The Manhattan College Twitter page polled the students this past week, asking “Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl?” The game is being played between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.

Before kickoff this past Sunday, students overwhelming decided that the Carolina Panthers were likely to hold the Lombardi Trophy for the NFL’s 50th anniversary season.

A large majority, 63 percent of students, chose Carolina, while the remaining participators elected that the Denver Broncos would be victorious.

Jasper students were all welcomed to Cafe 1853 on campus on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the two teams battle while enjoying food and beverages.