The Internship Series: Getting Your Foot In The Door

Alexa Wroblewski is interning at DeVires Global International Public Relations. Alexa Wroblewski/Courtesy

Internships are the biggest resume builder in New York City and are now essential for students to land one in order to get a job.

Alexa Wroblewski, a junior at Manhattan College landed her first internship at DeVires Global International Public Relations, which own companies such as Samsung and Pantene. She is a Communication major with a minor in Spanish and a concentration in public relations. Even as an active member of the Public Relations Society of America, while also being trilingual in English, Spanish and Polish, getting an internship was not easy.

Wroblewski began her internship search after Thanksgiving and applied to over 30 internships. DeVires Global was one of the first internships she applied to and got a response quickly. “[The internship recruiter] wanted to have a phone interview and I’ve never had a phone interview,” Wroblewski said. Even with all the nerves, she landed the internship.

“The common thing everyone is hearing is ‘students can’t find? jobs after they graduate’ but I think that’s a lie because there are jobs available,” Wroblewski said.

On her first day, she was sat down at a cubical where she was told to use AOL and AIM. As surprised as anyone would be with the AIM throwback, they use instant messaging to communicate with her other co-workers because it works more efficiently rather than using email or an intercom.

For her first major task, Wroblewski was asked to research and find, in one hour, twenty-five father bloggers and create a Microsoft Excel sheet with their contact information to pitch DeVires Global products to for the Super Bowl. Another task she had was to translate a Pantene conditioner description into Spanish. Other tasks she was given included creating media lists and searching for blogs to pitch public relations Pantene items to. “It was a lot of work to do on the first day, I jumped right in,” she said.

While working as an intern at MC in the Communication Department, each student keeps a daily journal on their internship. “I reflect on what I do that day on the subway and at the end of the semester you write a research paper on any topic and explore a topic that you learned,” Wroblewski said.

After reflecting on her first day Wroblewski is grateful for the opportunity and potential that DeVires Global saw in her. “This is my first time doing something that could be my career one day. I’m really excited to see if I can do this everyday. I want to know if this is the right path for me,” she said.