Securing Jasper Hall

Two of Manhattan’s four dormitory buildings on the North Campus are constantly monitored by Public Safety Proctors (Lee and Horan), while the other half, Jasper and Chrysostom fail to share the same safety features and amenities.

“Jasper and Chrysostom Halls are very secure” said Andrew Weingarten, director of residence life in an email statement, “They are monitored and patrolled by Public Safety and Residence Life staff 24 hours/day.”

Lee and Horan Hall both have permanent security at their front doors, as each student that enters must swipe in with their student ID card while being supervised by a Public Safety Official.

AJ Goodman, the assistant director of residence life, also chimed in on the issue.

“ There is an enhanced presence of Public Safety Officers in the area [Chrysostom and Jasper] as well as their office is in Jasper.” shared Goodman,  “The main booth is also at the head of the driveway leading to Jasper and Chrysostom, which provides a 24/7 presence monitoring foot and car traffic from off-campus to the area of the two buildings.”

A recent incident regarding the security in theses buildings is what sparks this concern, when a male intruder was caught entering a female bathroom in Jasper Hall.

One of Manhattan’s four dormitories, Jasper Hall. Brett Zingaro/The Quadrangle
One of Manhattan’s four dormitories, Jasper Hall. Brett Zingaro/The Quadrangle

“The College is finalizing the installation of ID card access control systems on the doors to the female restrooms in both halls.” said Weingarten,  “When students return in January these spaces will only be accessible to our female resident students with their ID cards.”

Anne King, who is enjoying her first year as a Jasper Hall resident commented on Manhattan College’s new bathroom security plans.

“ I think it’s aggressive and unnecessary.” said King, “ I understand the safety precaution but I don’t think it’s necessary. Mainly because I don’t wanna bring my ID to shower.”

King shares this believe with many other Jasper Hall residents, who agree that the dormitory building is for the most part a very safe place to live, despite past instances that have occurred.

“ Safety wise, I feel is in the students hands. Personally I wouldn’t let a clearly older person or someone that looked shady into the building.” added another Jasper resident, Anthony Richie. “ I think the current system that we have works extremely well.”

Goodman and Weingarten both agree that the most effective way to ensure security in these halls is by students practicing vigilance.

“Students should feel empowered and responsible for notifying someone when they see unfamiliar folks being let in,” said Goodman.

Weingarten added that familiarity with the community can reduce the risk of missing an intruder on campus.

“Become familiar with the people on your floor and in your community, and don’t let people in who you know don’t live there,” he said. “Most importantly, let us know if you are ever concerned.”

Students can reach both Public Safety and Residence Life staff 24 hours/day by calling 718-862-7500 or getting the attention of any RA.