This Week In History: Issue One

by Taylor Brethauer, Staff Writer

The Archives in O’Malley Library hold an important part of Manhattan College history—past editions of The Quadrangle.

 Just as our campus is continuing to grow, change and expand, so has the newspaper. Here’s a very interesting look back in time:

The first Quadrangle ever published was on Oct. 27, 1924. Manhattan’s first paper was called “The Green Horn,” but once the school moved to its current location in 1922, the paper was superseded by “this new and better Manhattan College Quadrangle.”

Photo by Taylor Brethauer
Photo by Taylor Brethauer

Throughout the pages, jokes were interspersed to take up unused space. A great example:

“Judge to Witness: Do you speak English?

Witness: Yes, your Honor.

J. to W.: Tell us what you saw then.

Witness: Cracked glasses, smashed dishes, and…

Judge: Hmm… Broken English, I should say.”

While no longer on campus now, at that time Manhattan College did have an intercollegiate men’s football team.

One of the lead headlines in issue one stated “Football Squad Beyond Expectations” and the article went in depth with how well of a season the football team had.

In an “exclusive interview” with Coach McCarthy, the coach stated that they hope they get to play a great game against the school’s rival, Fordham University.

The school also announced in the paper that the students were finally starting the Engineering Club and students were encouraged to apply to ASCE.

This group is still one of the largest clubs on campus today.

Similar to our recent versions of “Voices on the Quad,” a section existed titled “The Inquiring Reporter.”

The first question asked was, “Do you notice any improvement in the college cafeteria?”

Answers ranged from “Yes, with the exception of the ice cream for a few days” to “The splendid cafeteria service of this year is just another reason for being happy to be back at Manhattan.”

The main announcement of the “passing of the torch” from The Green Horn to The Quadrangle ended with a heartfelt message to all of Manhattan College’s student body and faculty:

“Support YOUR paper then, and enjoy with us the long look for realization of the dream of a college paper worthy of the Old Manhattan that was; the New Manhattan that Is; and the Manhattan that will be.”