Postponed Quadstock Moves to Draddy

by KELLY BURNS, Editor and KIERAN ROCK, Editor

MC students may have felt the absence of an MC tradition in the opening months of school: Quadstock. As The Quadrangle reported earlier this semester, Quadstock did not occur in its usual capacity due to summer construction on the quad.

John Bennett, the director of Student Activities, has decided to keep the name Quadstock for this concert that will take place on Nov. 14, most likely in Draddy Gym.

Some students feel that the uniqueness of Quadstock may be lost with the venue change.

“I think the exciting part of Quadstock was that you got to spend the day with your friends on the quad just chilling out,” Kara Curtin said. “Now that it’s in the winter in Draddy, it’s more like a low-key Springfest.”

Senior Erin Cassidy would have liked to see the concert on the quad as well.

“It’s my senior year and it would have been nice to experience one more Quadstock outside in the nice weather,” she said.

“We are not going to have it on the quad, but we are going to keep the name Quadstock,” Bennett said.

The artist choice for this concert comes from a student wish list that is developed at the student government social life meetings, which are open to all students.

“We always look, for Quadstock, to start with student lists,” Bennett said.

The top five performers chosen by students for Quadstock were Panic! at the Disco, Andy Grammer, George Ezra, Vance Joy and The Fray. However, when contacted by the college, none of these performers were willing to play the concert.

The budget for Quadstock is $60,000.

Bennett explained that the goal of Quadstock is not to have a large concert like SpringFest, but to have a more stripped-down concert experience.

“We don’t want the big setup with the stage like SpringFest. It’s supposed to be acoustic and among the students. That’s the purpose of it, to be more intimate,” Bennett said. Bennett said Student Activities is keeping these artists in mind for SpringFest.

However, not all artists are willing to perform under these types of guidelines. In an email, Bennett explained that one artist that Student Activities had reached out to was The Goo Goo Dolls, who were looking to fill the date. After offering the asked amount of money, they chose not to perform because of the type of show Quadstock is.

“I probably would have rather them put the money toward SpringFest and forgotten about Quadstock for this year,” student Danielle Kleinhans said.

“Not every artist is down with performing so unplugged and stripped down,” Bennett said.