DIY Food in Lockes


Photo by Taylor Brethauer
Photo by Taylor Brethauer

Are you bored of the same old food day in and day out in Locke’s? If you are looking to switch up your daily routine of the same food check out some of these new and creative ways to step up your meals.


If you’re looking for a good source of protein and something refreshing to start your day, a great option is a peanut butter with a bagel and fruit. The combination of the warm bagel with peanut butter is delicious and the fruit available in Locke’s is the perfect way to eat something healthy. It’s a quick meal to put together in case you’re in a rush to your next class.


When you want to get creative for lunch, wraps should be your go-to. But don’t just stick with the cold cuts section, the salad bar also offers a lot more than just the average slices of turkey and cheese. In the salad bar, there are vegetables and nuts and dried fruit that will allow you to make a new wrap each day. Try this delicious combo: chicken salad, spinach, onions, carrots, almonds and raisins.


Pair the grilled chicken from the grill station with some vegetables or try something new from a station you haven’t tried before (vegan/vegetarian usually has tasty roasted vegetables).


This meal could be the best part of the day, depending on how you look at it. It could be the time to finally give in to your sweet tooth. The best way to do this is also getting creative. Here we have the classic ice cream sandwich between the fresh, warm cookies Locke’s always puts out for dinner. With both hot and cold, it makes for a fantastic treat that has the best of both desserts.

Photo by Taylor Brethauer
Photo by Taylor Brethauer


With the cold weather coming in, it’s time to start clutching our hot chocolates to keep our fingers warm. Why not playing around with the best winter-time drink too? Pile high the whipped cream and maybe even try out some of the sauces such as caramel, a student favorite. Embrace your inner Starbucks barista and have some fun.

Photo by Taylor Brethauer