With Many Options Nearby, Off-Campus Dining Proves Popular Choice For Students

By Jess Quinn, Staff Writer

While some college students are stuck with what is served in the dining hall, Manhattan College’s location gives students plenty of choice for off-campus dining. Although there is a wide array of delis, diners and pizzerias around campus, students tend to be loyal customers and stick to their favorite businesses. Some of the nearby delis include Best Deli and Grill, the New Riverdale Gourmet Deli and Jasper’s Deli, giving students a variety of options when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Popular pizzerias are limited to Goodfella’s and Broadway Joe’s. Mike, an employee at Goodfellas, explains how a majority of their customers consists of students who come in and out throughout the day, for lunch and dinner. Many take advantage of the school’s Jasper dollars–a declining debit card system built into the meal plan that can be used at certain restaurants and delis near campus. According to Mike, the buffalo chicken slice is a frequent choice among Manhattan College students.

While a staple of their business base, Goodfella’s does not a see a significant loss in revenue when students head home for summer break. In fact, the summer housing at nearby Overlook Manor keeps sales up even when normal classes are not in session. “A lot of students from OV still come in during the summer, so our sales don’t drop as much,” Mike said.

Rob Hurt is a resident assistant who lives in Overlook Manor. “My favorite place to go is the New Riv Deli. I recently started going there more. My favorite thing to order is definitely the Tuscan Wrap, I like the Ghost Rider Sandwich too, but it’s expensive. So I order the Tuscan wrap the most.”

For many students, convenience is the deciding factor in choosing where to eat.

“The places I go to eat are usually Jasper’s deli, New Riv, and Goodfella’s. Any place near Overlook, that’s easy to get to,” Jack Ryan, another Manhattan College student who resides in OV, said.

“My favorite place is Santa Fe down on Broadway, it’s really good,” Liz Bruchanksy, an MC student said. While Santa Fe does not accept Jasper Dollars, it still remains a popular off campus restaurant for students, due to its different selection of food. Liz also said her favorite deli out of the bunch is the Best Deli and Grill.

“It’s really convenient to go to and they just always make sandwiches that I like. I don’t go to Jasper’s Deli or New Riv because Best Deli is my favorite.”

As the above examples show, the best place to eat off campus depends on which students you ask.