Center for Academic Success Provides Tutoring and Homework Help to Students On Campus

Jess Quinn, Staff Writer

The Center for Academic Success located in De La Salle 206, aims to help students raise both their GPAs and confidence levels.

Students seek guidance from the peer tutors, the writing center and supplemental instructors in order to excel in classes that they are not doing well in or need clarification with. All the assistance the program provides is student based and helps to meet the needs of all individuals coming to the center.

Tutors are provided in a wide variety of subjects depending on the needs of the student. Priya Chilana is a tutor in biology for the center.

“If any student is struggling in their classes, whether that be because they don’t like the subject, professor, or they just don’t understand the material, we at the tutoring center help them figure out methods of memorizing information, solving formulas and giving them different techniques that work best based on the student individually.”

The tutoring center helps students with test preparation, homework help, time management and writing. Students requesting tutoring range from all grades and all need special techniques to help them improve.

“Sometimes the students need to be taught by someone other than their professor, just to hear the information from another source,” Chilana said.

The types of techniques that tutors teach students vary from memorizing tactics to the basics of understanding concepts of specific topics and subjects.

The Center also has a Supplemental Instructor (SI) program designed to help students. Ben Fisher, an SI for History 150 explains, “The SI program is really focused on helping kids get adjusted to college, learning how to study and different techniques of learning for every type of student.”

“A wide variety of students ask for help, it’s not always just students who are not as academically inclined, it’s used as a universal resource from the campus that all students take advantage of,” Fisher said.

The Center has become so popular that it is being moved to the second floor of Thomas where Dante’s Den used to be situated. This move from De La Salle 206 to Dante’s can provide more space for private sessions and interactions amongst students and faculty, creating a much more intimate setting. The move is scheduled for Spring Semester of 2016, but could be pushed back to the Fall Semester of next year.

“I think the move will give the center a lot more space there. It’s in a small space in De La Salle and the space is very limited. It’s pretty hard to find a quiet, close area to speak to students and instructors. Moving to Dante’s will provide the center a lot more room,” Fisher said.

The space that the center is located now, makes it difficult to make these tutoring and writing sessions intimate for students.

Sammy Moe, a member of the Writing Center, is thrilled about the center’s move, “It’s so exciting, we’re so tiny and you can hear everyone’s conversations and it gets distracting when you’re focusing on a student who really needs help and all you can hear is somebody gossiping or talking too loudly.”

The will allow the center to continue to help even more students boost their grades and become better students.