ID Scanners Still to Be Installed in Jasper Hall Women’s Bathrooms

Jess Quinn, Contributing Writer

New dormitory security measures are taking shape in Jasper Hall, where ID scanners that will grant access to bathrooms are being implemented on the female floors of the dorm this month.

Last year, a male intruder entered a female restroom in Jasper Hall, stirring up a discussion on campus about dormitory security.

To prevent intruders in the future, Public Safety and Residence Life are also debating the possibility of adding two more security cameras inside of Jasper.

Photo by Kevin Fuhrmann
Photo by Kevin Fuhrmann

AJ Goodman, assistant director of residence life for Chrysostom Hall, Jasper Hall, and Overlook Manor said that “the greatest safety feature we could have on campus is a vigilant student body that are looking out for each other and keeping each other safe by alerting Public Safety and Residence Life to people who should not be on our campus and in the halls.”

Some students who live in Jasper often describe it as a friendly, community-like residence hall.

“Living in Jasper I feel completely safe due to the feeling of the neighborhood watch,” Jasper resident Joseph Fraietta said. “If something sounds wrong outside, not only would I feel obligated to check it out, along with other residents.”

“Although we don’t have security and a front desk check in, the communal style of Jasper makes me feel safe to live here,” Jasper RA John Fiore said.

The Public Safety office is located inside of Jasper, and the main public safety booth is in the driveway of the residence hall. Juan Cerezo, director of Public Safety, said that some of the additional services Public Safety provides are “ID card access control, CCTV cameras, patrols of the building, immediate response when called to assist with an incident such as a sick or injured student.”

Within the recent years more precautions have been implemented to secure students’ safety. In buildings like Overlook Manor, Lee Hall, and Horan Hall, security is located at the front desk in each of these dorms 24/7. Jasper Hall and Chrysostom Hall have security officers that circle these buildings routinely throughout the day.

Public Safety and Residence Life urge students to look out for one another, even with the security and precautions that the school provides.

“If a resident sees any suspicious activity and observes someone who does not belong in the building, call public safety at (718) 862-7333,” Cerezo said. “The safety of our campus community is everyone’s responsibility.”

“My biggest piece of advice to students is to be vigilant and take ownership of your residence hall,” Andrew Weingarten, director of Residence Life, said. “Become familiar with the people on your floor and in your community, and don’t let people in who you know don’t live there. This is your home away from home. You wouldn’t let strangers in to your family’s home.”