Summer Intern Series

Every summer Manhattan College students spend their summer gaining real world experience through summer internships. Students interned everywhere from big name corporations to small start-up companies. This series will profile MC students who spent their summer interning at these companies.

Carly Cyr is a Senior Math major at Manhattan who interned at First Investors Company. Not only was it a great learning experience, but she was able to spend the entire summer living in NYC.

Madeleine: What are you studying at MC?

Carly: I am a mathematics major with a business minor.

Madeleine: Where are you from?

Carly: I am from the suburbs Syracuse, NY.

M: Where did you intern this summer?

C: I interned at First Investors Corporation from June to August.

M: What was your internship like?

C: A typical day at the office included assisting financial professionals, attending curriculum studies, and participating in case study trainings. I learned about topics pertinent to the financial services industry and learned about the different products companies offer to clients. Unlike most internships, I was given the opportunity to work directly with the financial representatives and learned about finance through weekly meetings and trainings.

M: How did you find this internship?

C: I actually found the internship at our career fair. After two phone interviews and an in person office interview, I was offered the position in May.

M: Did you like it?

C: I loved my internship. It helped me to realize that mathematics in the business world is exactly what I would like to pursue in my future. Unlike other financial companies, First Investors was unique because of their willingness to help clients. Every representative that I worked under cared about their clients. This could be seen through their weekly phone calls and birthday cards that they would send to them. It made it nice to see that a Wall Street company actually cared about people instead of just money. The worst part? Saying goodbye. I created relationships with people in the office that I will miss. Luckily Manhattan College is not far so I can visit regularly.

M: Suggestions for underclassmen thinking about interning?

C: Underclassmen: apply to internships as soon as possible. Not only do they look amazing on your resume, but they really help you to find out more about yourself. They also help you to see what you like and dislike about a field. As a math major, I thought I would never find an internship. Looking back, I would say to apply to internships even if you are unsure. You never know what companies are looking for and creating connections is crucial for success in today’s world.