Weyland Elected New Student Body President, Inauguration on May 6

Weyland Elected New Student Body President, Inauguration on May 6

Anthony Capote — Asst Editor

If smiling is an indication of celebration, Nicholas Weyland has had a lot to smile about since April 20.

In a narrow victory of only six percentage points, Weyland defeated two personal friends, Brian Nyarko and Blake Pizzola, in the student government elections last week.

“It feels pretty good, I’m not going to lie,” he said. “It’s something I wanted to do and it’s nice to know people cared what I had to say and what I could do with my abilities, and that’s all they ask for.”

Weyland attributed much of his win to his executive vice president, Tiffanie McItosh, who is the first athlete to be elected to student government.

“The other party did not have that aspect,” Weyland said.

He also claimed that voter turnout was a major factor.

“It’s not really forcing people to vote,” he said, “just showing people what a party should have and what a president should have and that’s what we did.”

The student voter rating this year was excellent, Director of Student Activities John Bennett said, pointing out that 20 percent of students logged onto the online polling system on April 17.

“You have to put it in perspective,” he said. “Over 500 students voted, seniors can’t vote because they’re graduating, so only freshmen, sophomores and juniors can vote…if you look at any other school in voting percentage, that’s a lot more than other schools.”

Weyland is also a rising junior, which give him two possible terms as president, something that has happened three times in the last seven years at MC.

“A junior actually is a really good time to be a student-body president,” Bennett said. “Junior year is good because you are still fully focused on Manhattan College.”

Instead of Weyland and company succumbing to the pitfalls of senioritis, Bennett said, they have only to worry about life at MC.

“This year was an anomaly because they really are the best we have had in years,” he said. “But usually you are doing interviews and, depending on your major, you have to do student teaching or you have an internship and those sorts of things, but this year’s executive board did not get senioritis.”

Aside from Weyland and McIntosh, only two other members of the Quad Squad party were elected to office.

Ivan Bohoroquez and George Schlinck were elected as commuter representative and vice president for academic affairs, respectively.

Current president, John Tudisco, said he was happy that Weyland was elected.

“I thought they were all great candidates,” he said, “[Weyland] has been preparing himself for this for two years now.”

Tudisco said he could relate to Weyland’s work ethic and dedication.

“He is the only person last year that lost in a VP election and still wanted to come back and be in student government,” he said. “In fact, when I was junior class representative, I came at the beginning of the year and was elected by the assembly.”

When Weyland lost his bid last year as vice president of finance, he returned to take on the unfilled position of school of business rep.

“He is very experienced and he seems determined,” Tudisco said.

Weyland emphasized during his campaign that he would get an early start in his presidency, and plans to do exactly that.

“We will have a few meetings in at the end other and there is a few things on the agenda, starting with budgets,” he said. “There’s no early for an early start, if you want to take it seriously it takes a lot of hard work. Put the plan in action and let your actions speak for your words.”