Master Plan Update: Manhattan College Getting Ready to Expand

Manhattan College is planning to expand its campus within the next 10 years. The school plans to upgrade the south campus by renovating Leo or potentially building a new lab building for science, technology, engineering and math south of Leo.

The 10-year master plan also includes a quad on the south campus across from Leo. MC, however, would have to first acquire the space used by Karl’s Auto Body.

Andy Ryan, the vice president of facilities, could not speak on the matter, but said he was “reasonably confident” the school could acquire the land.

The specifics of the full plan are still being worked out, but the south campus will see many changes in the coming years.

“Looking the campus overall, there’s three zones,” Ryan said at the MC Senate meeting on April 21. “[We want to] preserve and contemporize the north campus, create a true south campus and then to strengthen the links between those two campuses.”

The concern for MC was that STEM students were separated in Hayden, RLC and Leo. The upcoming changes would allow them to be all on one campus.

The first option will be to create a new 30,000 square foot STEM building with renovations and modernizations to Leo that would cost a grand total of $55 million.

The second option, Ryan called it 1B, would be to spend $35 million more on Leo renovations than the first option instead of a new STEM building.

The final option would be to demolish Leo and build a new one. This would give MC 120,000 square feet of new space. This option would cost a grand total of $125 million, a price Ryan said may be too hefty for MC.

The south campus plans to grow by about 7 percent and allow more opportunities for collaboration for STEM students, Ryan said.

“It was determined that we really needed to make a major investment in STEM across the campus…” Ryan said. “So, the goals are to provide showcase labs and reduce some of that fragmentation. We probably won’t be able to eliminate totally the fragmentation but it would reduce the fragmentation and to make some better adjacencies between those.”

Other additions include a new apartment style housing building for students on the south campus. The location has not been determined yet, but it will house the beds currently contained in Chrysostom Hall, which will be turned into offices for faculty and athletics.

The master plan also includes a theatre and black box in Smith, and renovations to Hayden, De La Salle, Miguel, Memorial, Walsh Plaza, the quad landscaping, the Jasper lounge, Overlook and the Gaelic Park facilities. MC has about $150 million to work with.

The master plan’s growth is parallel to the school’s academic plan, which includes a growth in graduate programs, and as in previous years, enrollment. While MC now plans to not increase the rate of undergraduates too much, President Brennan O’Donnell gave a presentation that called for an emphasis on Title IX issues, and a focus on a more diverse student body.

“We have a lot of aspirations,” O’Donnell said at the meeting.

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  1. Got news for you folks, the tuition is unsustainable. As a ’68 grad, no kid from the same social background as I could attend Manhattan today without owing $ 100,000 and up before even considering Graduate School. But, perhaps there will always be enough rich kids to cover the freight, build another “prestige” building and dole out some scholarship money to the underprivileged.

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