Tennis Hopes to Return to MAAC Tournament

Editor’s Note: Stats accurate as of 3/29/15.

An obstacle the women’s tennis team has had to overcome is their roster size.

Manhattan has a total of six girls on its roster. Due to injury, it plays five. It’s eligible to play this season, although a full roster is supposed to have eight players.

“We’ve been a bit unlucky with injuries and a small lineup,” coach Amanda McEntire said, “but they’re going out there and playing hard against tough teams. That gets us ready for conference play.”

A tennis match consists of three doubles teams and six singles. Manhattan goes into every match having to forfeit its three doubles and six singles matches, losing out on a point because of their small roster. To remain competitive, it has to win two doubles and four singles to garner a point.

“You go into every match having an uphill climb,” McEntire said, “but they’ve embraced the challenge. We look forward to competing with everyone.”

“Tennis isn’t like basketball or baseball where you can see that it was a close game,” senior Alyssa Rosello said.

The top six teams in the MAAC go to the tournament. For Manhattan (0-3 MAAC, 1-5), it has to beat Monmouth (1-1 MAAC, 1-6), Saint Peter’s (3-2 MAAC, 4-5) and Rider (0-4 MAAC, 1-9) to earn a playoff spot.

Manhattan was the sixth seed last season.

“We’ve been playing really well as a team,” Bricketto said. “Even though we only have five players, all of us have stepped up. We’re practicing really hard and I think we’re in a good place.”

“No matter if we’re winning or losing, always cheer for the person next to you.”