The Magic of Prada’s Spring 2015 Line

Magic of Prada 4
Photo by Abi Kloosterman.

Miuccia Prada. The name just rolls right of the tongue doesn’t it? Well, maybe not. However, whether or not you can pronounce the name of one of the most influential fashion houses in the entire world, Prada represents the true form of art that is high fashion that goes into a simple piece of clothing.

In early February and at the beginning of New York Fashion Week, Prada Broadway unleashed The Iconoclasts, a creation from the minds of designers Michael Wilkinson and Tim Martin. The exhibit was shown throughout February and kicked off with an opening party, attracting the best of the best and the most elite of the New York fashion scene. Some may say this exhibit was another excuse for a Fashion Week soirée, bubbling over with champagne and celebrities, but through the crowds and camera flashes lies a mystifying world of glamour that puts “American Hustle” to shame.

Magic of Prada 5
Photo by Abi Kloosterman.

Through the the gigantic doors of Prada Broadway lies a world where art meets fashion in the most unique way. The bubblegum pink, cobalt blue and deep brown handbags uniformly line the walls while a greeter says, “Welcome to Prada” as if you have entered some other world, which is not far from reality. The Iconoclasts, mannequins trimmed with Prada Spring 2015 garments, had taken over the store.

Each mannequin sports a large wig in a bouffant shape, a type of flowery fur and bold eyes made of broken glass pieces and shiny stones that glimmer under the industrial lighting. These intricately made glass eyes are truly the window to the soul of Prada. Each mannequin seems to speak to one another, one turned toward the other as if sharing a secret.  Another is perched on the perfume counter as if observing the party from beyond, just as a visitor of the store does. Each mannequin has been well thought out, as not one is identical to another.

Not only does each garment represent a piece of art drawn on paper that came to life, but each character created represents the genius of Prada’s Spring 2015 line.

Magic of Prada 1
Photo by Abi Kloosterman.

The moment your foot hits the pavement on Broadway the party does indeed vanish. There is a Gatsby-esque feeling of not really knowing what exactly you just stepped out of, but really only knowing it was an enchanting moment. Not to mention the fabulous clothes take on a life of their own. Prada has successfully taken art and mixed it with fashion, furthering the ability for fashion to truly be recognized as art. The beautiful party of 1979 may not be on display any longer, but the sound of glamour and of pure joy resonates throughout the hearts and minds of true fashion and art lovers across New York City.