South of Houston Invites A New Classic Look

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 1.21.00 PMBy: Abi Kloosterman

South of Houston Street (pronounced how-ston if you are a “true” New Yorker) lies a world of high fashion that hundreds casually stroll through each day, to simply window shop. Prince, Spring and Canal St. dart through Broadway like a Gucci model down the Spring 2015 runway, straight and to the point. On the corner of Prince and Broadway I tuck my metro card away and pull down my sunglasses. Prada, Zara, Dean & Deluca, all the classic NYC fashion and restaurant landmarks surround me. & Other Stories, a spinoff of H&M from Europe, has joined the club- the trendiest club around.

The plain white sign with loopy cursive letters reads, “& Other Stories.” It hangs from the refurbished yet classically rustic Soho building. As I walk in I am greeted by freshness and light. Green succulents are scattered about the store and bright red fresh flowers stand tall in vases on tables. Something about this place is special. The newest trends are always identified in their classic script on a small white card, reading “new trends.” This includes powder blue dresses, black sweaters, and cream skirts.

There is something different about & Other Stories, something more accessible than Prada. I walk to the middle of the store which houses the most organic and fresh scents. Lotions, perfumes, and nail polishes take on stories of their own. As I move to the back of the store I see a 70% off sign presented over a table of thick heeled booties. I am immediately sold on the pure style and enticing prices.

I finish my round of the shoes and accessories, including intricately feathered gloves and bright yellow loafers. As I near the end of my stay at & Other Stories, I notice a small white card reading, “Go girl see happy nights to happy days”, a quote from Romeo and Juliet that seems to be specially written for whoever may notice. & Other Stories promotes romance through fragrance, fresh flowers, simplicity, and affordability. This shop’s uniqueness and approachability lies in its romantic style.

Although it is a true and refined classic, Prada is high fashion, high price, and high society. Don’t get me wrong, I went into Prada with my Anna Wintour game face on and loved every high fashion moment. However, & Other Stories has the high fashion moments that feel simple and attainable. & Other Stories is whatever you may want to be that year, month, or day. Put $5 on your metro card and travel down to Soho. Enjoy your visit at & Other Stories. You will be back.