Jasper Jams: Finals Week

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Andy Williams was probably not referring to finals week when he sang about December being the most wonderful time of the year. The last few days of the college semester can be a stressful time. Just a handful of tests can make or break your grades.

Many people insist that listening to music helps them to focus and prepare for these important exams. Yet, instead of sticking to the standard classical symphonies and smooth jazz “study” playlists, Jasper Jams has put together a slightly more realistic soundtrack for your finals week.

1) “You Can Make It If You Try” by Sly and the Family Stone

The threat of up to five finals can reduce even the strongest student to tears. Don’t give up hope.

2) “0 to 100/The Catch Up” by Drake

Zero to 100? See this is why Drizzy just gets you. He knows that’s what needs to happen to your average after you take your final!

3) “Throw Away Your Television” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Time to get down to business. You have shut off Netflix, set your phone to Do Not Disturb mode and got all of your notes together. Give that pencil another sharpen and hit the books.

4) “In the Midnight Hour” by Wilson Pickett

But of course now is the perfect occasion to organize all of your paperclips. Plus, you did always want to solve that Rubik’s cube you have sitting on your desk to make you seem intelligent. Maybe you should even set up your planner for next semester. After all, there will be time to study later tonight.

5) “Asleep” by The Smiths

Amidst your important work, you glance at the clock. 11 p.m.? Guess you should head over to the library. Four hours, 27 Snapchats and two cups of coffee later, you call it a night. All in all, about a solid 35 minutes of actual studying. Your eyes can barely see straight as you shuffle from the library to your dorm.

6) “Down With the Sickness” by Disturbed

The alarm clock starts buzzing way too early. Slightly nauseous and severely anxious you get dressed to meet your doom.

7) “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

You’ve got a blank space, baby—30 multiple-choice ones to be exact. Hopefully choosing answer B for the first question won’t also be your “next mistake.”

8) “Lucky Ones” by Lana Del Rey

Time’s up, pens down! You rush to scribble that last sentence of your essay’s barely legible conclusion or decide whether beam AB is in tension or compression. Muttering one last prayer and crossing your fingers, you hand in the exam and head out the door.

9) “Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space” by Spiritualized

“What did you get for number 12?” “Was that last one iambic pentameter or nah?” “Oh God, I hope she curves that.” You tune out the chatter of the rest of the students spilling out onto the quad. What’s done is done. You just don’t want to think anymore and wish you had something “to take the pain away.”

10) “Free” by Zac Brown Band

Then it dawns on you: this final was your last one of the semester. Not only are you done with that class, you are finished with school (at least for a few weeks). Winter break stands before you with the promise of free time to do what you want—or better yet, time to do nothing at all.

Note: Fittingly, this finals week soundtrack is the final and last edition of Jasper Jams. I hope you have enjoyed reading and listening along with me for the last year and a half!