College Policy Targets Illegal Downloads

Every year, millions of songs are illegally downloaded from peer to peer file-sharing sites. With statistics like that, it is understandable why Manhattan College sends out the yearly notice to the student body about the potential ramifications of illegally downloading files over the college’s networks. “We are required by law to give you guys [students] that notice,” Dean of Students Michael Carey said. Students recently received an … Continue reading College Policy Targets Illegal Downloads

Jasper Jams: Deep Tracks

Is the album dead? In today’s age of split-second attention spans, many music commentators and critics question if listeners still have an appetite for full-length albums. When audiences are bombarded continually with new music amidst other forms of media, do they have the time or patience to listen to a dozen or more songs? While album sales are at an all time low (with Taylor … Continue reading Jasper Jams: Deep Tracks

New Flex Plan Offers Dining Option to Commuters

BY LAUREN CARR AND KELLY BURNS A&E EDITOR AND ASST. A&E EDITOR While there is no set meal plan for commuters, a new service offers commuter students, as well as on campus students, money to use for on campus and off campus dining. The new Flex Plan offers students three different options. The first option is the ‘Snacker’ which costs $100. With any amount that is … Continue reading New Flex Plan Offers Dining Option to Commuters

The Freshman Files: Home Sweet Home

The moment we have all been waiting for, or counting down to, is just around the corner. After three months of what seemed like never-ending reading, writing and Google-ing, we are finally going home. While an increase in personal space and a miraculously clean bathroom rank high on the list of reasons we are itching for the holiday weekend, what we are really looking forward … Continue reading The Freshman Files: Home Sweet Home

Student Government Approves Three New Clubs

The Student Government Assembly voted on and approved three new clubs during its meeting on Nov. 4. One of these new clubs is the South Asian Student Association, otherwise known as S.A.S.A., which is led by students Shahed Ahmed, Veena Cherian, Priya Chilana, Saif Kaleem and Maheer Khan. They seek to promote the South Asian culture through various events on campus including Bollywood movie nights, … Continue reading Student Government Approves Three New Clubs

Occhiogrosso, Staff Say Goodbye

Assistant Director of Student Activities, Gabrielle Occhiogrosso, announced last week she would be stepping down from her position at the end of the semester. “It is very bittersweet, but I am leaving Manhattan College to pursue my career in higher education. I recently received my doctorate of education and I have accepted a position at the director level,” Occhiogrosso said. However, Occhiogrosso is not going … Continue reading Occhiogrosso, Staff Say Goodbye

Beneath O’Malley: The Secrets of the Subfloors

CLAIRE LEADEN & SEAN MCINTYRE MANAGING/FEATURES EDITOR & SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Spanning across 85,000 square feet, it’s unlikely that each Jasper has been in every single nook and cranny of O’Malley Library. Though frequented by students all days of the week (and all hours of the night), most studiers have probably never found their way into the depths of resource space beneath O’Malley: the subfloors. … Continue reading Beneath O’Malley: The Secrets of the Subfloors