Student Government Approves Three New Clubs

The Student Government Assembly voted on and approved three new clubs during its meeting on Nov. 4.

Photo by James O'Connor.
Photo by James O’Connor.

One of these new clubs is the South Asian Student Association, otherwise known as S.A.S.A., which is led by students Shahed Ahmed, Veena Cherian, Priya Chilana, Saif Kaleem and Maheer Khan. They seek to promote the South Asian culture through various events on campus including Bollywood movie nights, a Kulfi Social, a Chai Night, multicultural food events, game nights and a clothing drive. Despite its name, the club is not exclusively for South Asian students.

“Everyone is welcomed” Chilana said.

Ahmed also said that it is not a religious club but that its focus is cultural.

“If you like the culture, you can join us,” Ahmed said.

Christopher Russo’s proposal for a Management Club was also approved. The club’s proposal read that its goals include “growing the number of members, popularity and effectiveness of the club and sparking new ideas and implement changes on campus.” The club is hosting a guest speaker on Nov. 19 and is in the process of finding new executive board members as its senior members prepare to graduate.

“Anyone can really step in and make a big difference,” Russo said.

The third approved club is an Urban Farmers Club that will address the lack of support for the campus rooftop garden during the academic year. This proposal was led by Delaney Higgins as she drew attention to the lack of care that MC’s rooftop garden, located in the roof of the parking garage, is currently receiving. Higgins said that she is the only one taking care of a 300-square-feet of space right now which prompted her idea of forming a club of students who would take care of the garden.

Higgins is developing programs such as meet and greets, guest speakers and workshops on how organic food helps your energy and memory.

“No one runs the garden right now, not even the Green Club,” Higgins said. “We would focus more on the farming aspect, because this needs the attention.”