Dorm Room Designers



Dorm rooms. We think: a shared space. A charming, cozy, crammed, perhaps old, space. Now that we are all settled into our homes away from home, it is the perfect time to peek into our campus’s Lasallian abodes. Whether you live in a traditional or suite building, being a “dormer” will always spark creativity.

Through the arrangements of fire-safe twinkle lights, movie posters, and eye-catching tapestries, many college students can add amateur interior designer to their list of achievements.

Horan resident, sophomore Rachel Salcedo, found that best way to make her room re-pin worthy is to literally pin her favorite NYC experiences, like an All the Way poster (signed by Bryan Cranston) on her walls.

“I put stuff up that I want to remember because they were good times,” Salcedo said.

Sophomore Jenn Ballingall  keeps her Lee Hall dorm trendy with calming tones of blue and gray and completes the aesthetic with Andy Warholisms.

Sophomore Caroline Chu , adds an artsy dynamic and dreamy ambience to her and Jessica Risolo’s dorm with folded paper creatures hovering above their beds. Counting sheep? More like counting cranes.

Chrystostom residents Matt Ketchum and Liz Anderson, both share a liking for tapestries that bring color and a familiar “sense of home” into their rooms.

Like Matt’s steampunk tapestry, sophomore Will Lamparelli has a 3D effect with the howling wolf that looks upon his Jasper dorm.

Although the traditional poster never fails to foster small talk among students, a surprising number of the rooms on campus featured quirky decor like handmade crafts and vibrant tapestries, indicating a twist in preferences for the mood and space of a dorm. Every dorm will have distinct character; drab or chic, it’s all up to the resident.