The Freshman Files: Manhattan What?

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Manhattan Madness is the crown jewel of school spirit events held in our beloved Draddy Gymnasium.

The occasion marks the beginning of the men and women’s basketball seasons and is sponsored by Student Activities and Student Government. We all know that it is a night full of spirit, a lot of green and is in honor of a team or two, but what can us freshmen truly expect from the night of madness?

“That is just it, you never really know what to expect,” junior Lauren Sciarrotto said. Sciarrotto, who attended last year’s Manhattan Madness, said the student body was surprised with a performance by rapper and hip-hop artist Maino. “We have no idea who it will be this year, it is all part of the excitement,” Sciarrotto said.

Admission is free for all students, along with a t-shirt and various contests and giveaways throughout the evening. And, while there is usually a performer or entertainer which Student Activities likes to keep under wraps, the main focus of the night is on Manhattan College athletics.

The school recognizes each player and all coaches and staff associated with both basketball squads.

“They introduce each player, and they walk out to their choice of music and do a little dance. It’s a lot of fun,” Sciarrotto said.

So far, it seems like most of our memories of school-organized events involve over-zealous teachers, bad cafeteria food and lousy entertainment. Unlike events in high school where student attendance was virtually non-existent, Manhattan Madness is always a popular scene.

“I don’t know exactly what it is but I am excited to find out,” said freshman Lauren Kalina, who plans to attend Thursday night. Most of us agree that we can use a little campus fun as the winter blues and final exams are approaching fast.

While the night is primarily concerned with celebrating its talented athletes, it also celebrates their devoted fans. At MC we call them “The 6th Borough.” Despite the fact that you can’t exactly plug that into Google maps, you can make your presence known and show your support.

“I think it shows all of our great school spirit, the way a great number of the student body comes together and cares for one another,” Kalina said.

With the men’s basketball team’s well-known success, making it to the NCAA tournament and almost defeating defending champion Louisville last year, we want to give them the best start of the season that we can. The more the merrier has never been a truer statement, and it wouldn’t hurt to win a raffle or two.

Only a few days away, recent buzz of the upcoming night brings with it chatter about our other teams here at MC. Should Manhattan Madness support all of our Division I sports, not just basketball? The school is home to eight men’s teams and 10 women’s teams; do they all get the same amount of attention and care?

“I definitely believe that every sport here deserves a Manhattan Madness,” freshman Patrick Estanbouli said.