Grab Your Steins, It’s Beer Time



Fall is the season when the appeal of the sidewalk café starts to wane and more and more New Yorkers retreat inside to indulge in alcoholic treats. Across all the boroughs of New York, there are beer gardens, alehouses and locations that sport a wide variety of drinks from the tap that can quench the thirst of any patron, no matter what their preference is.


Miller’s Ale House

Location(s): Multiple in New York and Tri-State Area

Price: Medium

Sporting four locations in and around New York City, along with multiple locations in the tri-state area, Miller’s is a sports bar by every definition of the word, with all locations featuring wall-to-wall televisions covering all there is to see in the world of sports at any one time.

Miller’s also has on tap anywhere from 25 to 35 beers. Along with the staples of any bar, the beers that you can get anywhere, Miller’s has some harder to find beers that other places might not have, beers like the Dogfish Head Ale 90 Minute IPA. This brew is not a particularly difficult one to come by, however it is odd to see it on tap at an alehouse.

Miller’s also proudly shows off local craft beers in the form of the Coney Island Pilsner and the Brooklyn Blast from the New York based and famous Brooklyn Brewery.

Miller’s is not only about drinking, everything on the menu would fall under the category of bar food, but bar food done with some flare. Everything from the appetizers to the deserts is done in true “go big or go home” fashion. From the starters, the best would have to be the appetizer sampler featuring potato skins, mozzarella sticks, fried mushrooms and spinach artichoke dip. Entrees at this establishment have something for every taste, from fried shrimp or fish sandwich to a flank steak. Lastly, when it comes to desert, the only way to go is the Miller’s original Capt’n Jack’s Buried Treasure. A combination of homemade ice cream, Oreo cookie crust, fudge, caramel and Heath bar.

Overall, Miller’s is the place you go hungry and leave content. The beauty of Miller’s is that since there are multiple locations, you get the best of the eclectic beer choice and the consistency and choice of a chain.


Bronx Ale House

Location: 216 W 238th St, New York, NY 10463

Price: Medium to High

The Bronx Ale House is a unique one-shot location, no franchise or anything, just a place to get good food and good beer.

The Bronx Ale House does not have an extensive menu, but what they do have on the menu they excel at. Featuring traditional American fare with zesty twists on old favorites, this is a delight for the taste buds and the eyes.

A majority of the food at the Ale House is shareable and pair great with any of the beers. A great shareable finger food that is also wallet friendly are the Smokehouse Nachos. Featuring nacho chips stacked high with pulled pork, rich and savory BBQ sauce, red onions and crumbled cheese. If you aren’t in the mood of paying for food, ask for popcorn and its complimentary.

The beauty of this spot is also its downfall, the Ale House features a wide variety of beer to choose from and often rotates the selection sometimes on even a week to week basis. This allows for someone to try multiple brews from all over the world over the course of just a few weeks. This is also a downside, because in this case of this writer and the Zombie Killer Cider, it was there one night and gone the next weekend, so it is recommended that you go to the Bronx Ale House only if you enjoy trying new beers.

One major perk of the Ale House is the Beer Club. A combination of discounts on beer and being able to try new beers is some of the perks of joining the club. Admission is free.

The addition of the digital pour displays in the bar allows drinkers to see how much is left in the keg, what kind of glass it will come in, the price, color, type of beer and even the alcohol by volume. All of this information can come in handy when a discerning beer drinker wants to try something exotic for the evening.

Overall, the Bronx Ale House is the kind of place you go when you want to be able to sit down and just have a beer, no questions asked. Keep in mind, some of the beers that are more unique are pricier. If you are going to go here, keep your wallet full and handy.


The Biergarten

Location: The Standard-848 Washington St, New York

Price: Medium to High

The Biergarten at The Standard has a cheerful staff that are excited to get you a large mug of beer the second you walk in. The ambiance is great, reminiscent of a European bar/grille restaurant, with ping pong tables and long benches to sit and drink on. As with any classic, good biergarten, the crowd getting a little rowdy is something expected. It is an outside bar, which allows for smoking, something some people dislike. Still, this is necessary for a proper biergarten. Sometimes they even have German bands play live music. The Standard Hotel’s biergarten is definitely worth going to if your interested in a good time. Getting there is easy too. Simply hop on the 1 train and get off at 14th street. Walk the High Line for a nice view and arrive at The Standard. The rest is up to you.


The Yardhouse

Location: 237 Market St, Yonkers, NY

Price: Medium

Yonkers’ new mall establishment, Ridge Hill, offers another great bar/grille for Oktoberfest, The Yardhouse. Yardhouse, as it is known to locals, is a great bar that has over 100 different beers on tap, and full scale restaurant with great food. Labeled as an “upscale eatery,” prospective drinkers may be enticed to have a beer in half yard and even yard sized glasses. Dim lighting and booth and high rise style tables offer a venue that is pleasing to both families and groups of friends. Conveniently located 15-20 minutes away from college, going to Yardhouse at least once is a necessity.