Manhattan College: Beyond ROI

This year, Manhattan College ranked 15th in Payscale’s 2014 College Return on Investment (ROI) Report. Undergraduates graduate knowing that their Manhattan College education has set them up with the tools they need to land a job and make a good living. But, what do you get from a Manhattan College beyond ROI?

Beyond ROI, undergraduates should also truly value the intangibles about college. You learn life lessons and make memories. Ultimately, what you learn and take away from college is something that cannot be numerically measured.

While there are countless things that students receive as a result of attending Manhattan College, here is a list of a few things that students can expect to leave with when they graduate from Manhattan College.

New Perspectives

Weather you gain a new perspective from a class discussion, from experiences you have while living in New York City or from studying abroad, you are bound to leave having gained new perspectives that will open your eyes to a wealth of new ideas. Specifically because of Manhattan College’s unique location in New York City, students are exposed to people of every background. Furthermore, we have many chances to put ourselves in other people’s shoes with volunteer opportunities such as L.O.V.E. trips. In the long run, being exposed to ideas, even ones that may upset you, will help you to better understand the world, mature and become more tolerant. College is the time to broaden your horizons and Manhattan College is the perfect place to do so.


You will gain confidence here. Throughout the four years, you will find success and you will sometimes fail. Some of these experiences will be in the classroom but many will be outside of it. With each experience, you will learn more about yourself and you will grow more comfortable with who you are. And, as a consequence, your confidence will grow. Manhattan College is a conducive environment for this growth. Because our campus is located in New York City, one of the most diverse centers of culture in the world, you can explore and learn as much as you want. And, being that we are a small, Lasallian college, we have a very personal support system that includes professors, friends and administrators. With this support system, I feel freer to be myself and venture out on my own and experience the city because I know that even though New York City can sometimes be overwhelming, I have a home here at Manhattan College. After pouring yourself into your schoolwork for four years you will feel an unimaginable sense of accomplishment and the confidence you have gained will follow you wherever life takes you.

Friends and Memories

Manhattan College is the type of college where you can’t go anywhere on campus without seeing at least a couple people that you know. But, more importantly, Manhattan College is they type of place where everyone can find their niche. Campus culture is very laid back and it easy to find like-minded people who eventually become your friends. Class discussion, clubs and organizations and a vibrant social scene all encourage students to meet others. Once you find a solid group of friends, the memories you make together are the type you will remember for years to come.

Manhattan College should be so much more than just a return on your investment, not all things are measured in money; college should be something that makes you a better person. With all this being said, you get out of college what you put into it. If you attend lectures, meet friends and in general get out of your comfort zone you will have made a holistic investment in yourself that will have far-reaching benefits beyond the amount of money you stand to make.