Chelsea Handler Makes a Strong Netflix Debut

It is a well known fact that Chelsea Handler likes to push the boundaries just see how far she can actually take it. In her latest stand-up special, “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” based off her New York Times best-seller, she does exactly that. It is an uncensored Handler at her absolute best while also reminding you that its probably a good thing you are not like her.

This stand-up special is streaming only on Netflix as part of Handlers seven-year deal with the popular website. This special is the first of many comedy specials that will ultimately lead up to her talk show that will debut in 2016.

Handler has made headlines in the current months regarding her thoughts about the E! network and how they were handling her show. She has come out in statements to say that she no longer wants to talk about the Kardashians and any Bieber romance. Instead, she was ready to try a new avenue of comedy which is comedy only on an online platform. No censors, no comments, just pure Handler.

In her first stand-up special, Handler talks about her trip to Uganda, her motley crew of travel buddies, her time in the Bahamas, her family, how her assistant is her babysitter and how one time she flew her two dogs on a private jet from California to Canada. The stories are ones that can only happen and be told through Handler herself.

The fans who only know Handler from her show on E! are in for a surprise when they see the comedian on her new special. While some may be familiar with her over-the-top crass humor in her books, she takes that humor to a whole new level during her live show. The stand-up special involves words that will make you cringe and a decent amount of nudity that will make you blush.

Handler labels herself as a 39-year-old child and she lives up to that description in her stories. The standout part of the special is when she talks about how her assistant actually labels everything in her house because she doesn’t want Handler to be confused and make any mistakes. Handler recalls how all of this started after a party at her house where she allegedly put food in the microwave, never turned it on and somehow left her iphone charging in the microwave. She makes no apologies for those actions, however, she knew things got really bad when she found out that same night she gave her dog Chunk bangs. Too many vodkas for Handler equals laugh out loud stories for audiences.

This stand-up special is completely different from the network show that made her famous. In a way this special, along with her entire Netflix deal, is the official Handler rebranding. For fans of the comic you will appreciate this completely uncensored version of Handler. For people who have never seen her stand-up outside of her cable show, this is going to be a lot to take in. The one thing that Handler does is make no apologies and she definitely will not be apologizing for leaving E! and starting a new era in her career.