Students to Vote for Upcoming Jasper Days Artist

This spring, students will have a say in the artist that is chosen to perform at the Office of Student Activities’ annual Jasper Days, the popular weekend event formerly known as SpringFest that features a concert and a day of school-sponsored activities.

The idea to use a survey came after complaints from students saying that they had little to no say in last year’s performance from country singer Kellie Pickler.

“I feel like with Student Activities there’s no students involved,” junior Allyson Vena said. “I think that including all the students population vote is a good idea.”

Student Activities had chosen Pickler to prevent a rowdy and disorderly crowd of students. In 2013, Alesso performed at SpringFest, but his electronic dance music was paired with the use of drugs and alcohol by the student body. However, the country music star did not draw as large of a crowd as Alesso had two years ago.

The Pickler concert also began at 11 a.m. rather than in the evening, which proved to be unpopular among students.

“I don’t want a country star. Maybe a rock concert or a DJ, something that we can dance to and that’s not at 11 in the morning,” sophomore Will Lamparelli said.

The survey will be sent out by the end of this week by Student Activities. Students will be able to vote on the artist they would most want to perform at school. The link to vote will be posted on all the office’s social media accounts. There will be about 5 artists to choose from, two of them being O.A.R and 3OH!3.

According to John Bennett, director of student activities, the artists that are going to be listed are realistic for the office’s budget.

“Those are realistic in aspect that they’re in our price range, appear to be available at this time, are currently taking dates with their management and will play college shows,” Bennett said.

Other plans for the weekend will be the return of the afternoon barbeque. In previous years, students enjoyed plenty of free food on the quad, though the barbeque was missing from Jasper Days in 2014.

“We’re looking to have the barbeque back. A lot of students were vocal about that so that will be at the top of the list,” Bennett said.

Dorm Wars was also a part of last year’s Jasper Days, but Bennett said he is unsure if it will be included in this year or saved for a separate weekend.

In addition, the Yankees are playing a home game against the Mets that Saturday night, April 25, so tickets to that game are in the works.

Students will have to wait until the end of the week for information on potential artists.

But for now, John Bennett has only a few requests for the day.

“First of all, that the weather is nice,” Bennet said. “And that the students are civil to each other and enjoy the events that we call for them on campus.”