The MC Fall Premiere Guide

It is a sad and true statement that sometimes, Netflix and more unscrupulous means of watching the latest guilty pleasure TV have to take priority over readings, essays and assignments. In order to maximize time spent in front of your screen we have compiled a comprehensive break down of what to watch, what not to watch, what to catch up on and what to try (but we make no promises).

Get With The Program

If you aren’t up to date with the shows premiering in the next couple weeks that have already taken the nation by storm then you have some serious issues. A few to get you started are “Scandal,” “Revenge” and “Once Upon A Time.” The three ABC drama titans left us all hanging last season on the edge of our seats and have all had their fall premiers which definitely did not disappoint. Find out where Olivia Pope was headed on that plane and if she will return to being a gladiator in a suit. Have the tables turned for Emily Thorne in her plight for the Graysons, and who is now getting revenge on who? For real people…Storybrooke is FROZEN over (I think the Evil Queen and Emma Swan will be humming “Let it Go” pretty soon).

Sinfully Good Sitcoms

These are the thirty minute windows we live for. Thirty minutes to escape and laugh. Fall premiere season is where networks literally throw everything they got at us, so we are always hit with a couple of new hits that are budding potential favorites, and of course some returning series that we can’t wait to fall in love with all over again. A must watch for any NYC poor college student is “2 Broke Girls.” This amazingly witty and edgy comedy written by Whitney Cummings is simply the best in terms of the comedic sitcom. It’s fourth season, which premiers on Oct. 27th, is not to be missed.

Some other returning favorites this season are equally hilarious shows such as “Mom” which Allison Janey won an Emmy for, “New Girl,” where Zooey Deschanel is as quirky as ever and “The Mindy Project,” in which Mindy is just Mindy and you can’t help but fall in love with her.

Two lovey-dovey sitcoms that are premiering this fall are “Manhattan Love Story” and “Marry Me.” Both are completely cliché and by the book, but seem like they have potential based on their plotline development structure and the chemistry between the protagonists. Likely though, only one or none is going make it out alive, and only time will tell which one that will be.

New Addictive Obsessions

The Fall 2014 lineup is stocked full of shows that you are going to want to at least give a try. Here are three shows to make sure are at the top of your priority list because they are fantastic and easily addicting. From the producer of “Scandal,” “How to Get Away With Murder” staring Viola Davis is captivating from the first minute. Not much needs to be said here other than watch this law-drama-intense mystery as it will keep you wondering and thinking till the last second.

Who doesn’t love a healthy dose of Debra Messing? “The Mystery of Laura” is a new dramedy that follows a NYC detective that is dealing with her fair share of family problems. The pilot was intriguing and entertaining and set this show up to be a success. While some critics are calling it a flop, it could have potential seeing as that it appeals to a wide demographic. The action and excitement are present due to the mystery of Messings’ duty as a detective. The emotional side is appealed to through her duty to her two trouble-making twins and messy divorce dealings with her police lieutenant husband…who has just become the chief of her precinct. GASP!

Lastly, “Stalker:” the name itself just draws you in. Maggie Q stars in this new drama which focuses on scientists and detectives who study and investigate instances of stalking…when one of the detectives herself becomes a victim. NOT TO BE MISSED

Flopped Flatter than A Pancake

It seemed like the perfect cutsey new sitcom about fate and love intertwining. He sees her across the room and remembers her silver dress, and she playfully denies ever meeting him, only to unfold into a budding romance (VOMIT). We all saw the trailers for “A to Z” and instantly (well, at least I did) got so excited about a new and innovative romantic comedy sitcom. When NBC released the pilot episode early, it quickly went from excitement to disappointment to a TV dose of Nyquil. “A to Z” was dreadfully boring, and just not funny. Unless NBC and the writers have some tricks up their sleeve, this is for sure a cancellation.


“Black-ish” is a show that is raising eyebrows all over the TV editor community. It is an ABC show with a stellar cast and it may be good in terms of content. However is it a satiric of the modern Black Family (aka Cosby in the 21st Century) or is it just a way of creating further racial divisions? Is it making fun of racial stereotypes and assimilation or just highlighting differences that don’t need to be pointed out? Let us know what you think! Watch the premiere and write a letter to the editor.

Toss Up

The majority of new premieres are always toss-ups; meaning that who knows if it is going to be quality show and worth your while down the road. While the premiere usually seals a show’s fate, some take longer to develop and take hold. Here are a couple of shows that the jury is still out on. “Jane the Virgin” is the most promising of the new CW lineup and is based off a popular Telanovela. Jane is accidentaly artificially inseminated and is carrying a child, even though she is a sworn virgin. This could potentially be heartwarming and hilarious or just a bad acting nightmare. In the sitcom category, Pigmalion based “Selfie.” The only way that this show is going to be great is if they really play well on this modern idea of image and branding oneself. If it is overly campy and annoying it will flop and fade into TV oblivion. “Cristela” takes the idea of “Black-ish” and applies it to Latinas everywhere. We fell in love with the trailer and we hope that the show lives up to the potential. It crosses racial boundaries and transports ideal situations into the modern age. It is witty, culturaly relevant, challenging…and most of all DIFFERENT.

Shows to Watch When You Are….

Now of course there are always those days where you don’t want to have to invest yourself in a new intense plotline, or deeply developed characters and there are those shows you just want to be able to pick up at any point and just enjoy. Here are a few suggestions.


This is the perfect time to invest in some good fantasy. Take your mind off the mistakes you made the night before, or how horrible you feel and take a bite into something seductive and magical. “The Vampire Diaries,” which is just starting its sixth season is a show that you really should have started at least once by now. It constantly unfolds and has perfected the art of making the act of biting someone’s neck look insanely appealing. Don’t try this at home, but definitely try out this tantalizingly dangerous show. You won’t regret it. Some new fantasy that is premiering this fall is “The Flash,” which as one would expect, gives the backstory of the fastest superhero, ever. Critics are saying it is going to be a big hit, so give it a try after a particularly twisted weekend.


While there are a good many shows that fill the void when you are just feeling lonesome, there is only one show that gives you a sense of place and a sense of family even when you aren’t with yours. “Parenthood,” which currently just premiered their final season, is a show that truly touches every heart and provides story lines that everyone can relate to. Following the life and times of a modern and mostly functioning family, “Parenthood” is sure to fill your heart to the brim, make you cry and laugh at the same time and get so attached to the characters it is sickening. Become a part of the Braverman clan and find a home with “Parenthood.” 

Miserably Getting through an All-Nighter

Here is where your game shows and reality TV come into play. Catch up with the seemingly 4-millionth season of “Survivor,” the 21st cycle of “Top Model” with Tyra (who seems to get a bit more loony with each passing year) and some singing competiton show…pick any one because they have all gotten out of hand.

In the reality corner, look past the housewives of whatever and tune into “Dance Moms” for some real entertainment. Watch those same housewives have a shouting match with a physically unqualified dance teacher, even though we all love Abby Lee to death.

Any shows that we missed or think should be added to this list? As always…write those letters to the editor and we will be sure to do a follow up with your suggestions!