True Life: I’m In the Middle of a Mid-College Crisis

What happens when you are halfway through college and find that you are unhappy with how everything seems to be turning out? You panic.

You begin to question everything you had done up to that point and try to figure out if this is really making you a better person. Are the people you are surround yourself with positive people? Are your classes truly enriching you? Are you finding a passion for the things you are learning?

If you have been asking yourself these questions recently know one thing: you are not alone.

When I first entered college I had a completely different mindset than the one I have now. If you asked me two years ago how I would see myself by junior year I would have said a completely different answer. That is the one thing about college-things are always changing. Your interests, beliefs, friend groups, etc.

What if you come to find that the major you have been working towards is not really enriching you or the group of people you have been hanging out with the majority of your college years turn out to be not who you thought they were? You are going to start to have doubts about the decisions you have been making and that’s good. Have those doubts.

Having those doubts will make you question what your next step is. College is a short four year time period where you can change things quickly if you aren’t happy. Don’t like a class? Drop it. Not happy in a relationship? No matter how hard it is, break it off. Not happy with the people you are living with? Move. Not sure about your major? Try something else. You will be happier if you are honest with yourself.

Trust me.

Every college student at one point or another is going to start questioning their decisions thus far and even though it’s a scary thought to have, its normal. We all started out as freshmen who believe that we had everything together and that we were truly going places. Sure we may still be going to said places but the route changes and its not necessarily a route you may have chosen.

In a study done by The University of La Verne, 50 to 70 percent of college students change their major at least once. Some may even change their major three times before they graduate. So if you are someone who started off as biology major and now wants to be a communications major, shift gears. Do it now because in five years you may be someone who is unhappy with a biology degree and someone who is not doing something that they love.

The mid college crisis is a normal situation to be in, but it is how you handle it that will get you through it. And how to get through it is to change something. It doesn’t have to be a huge change, but you have to start somewhere. And just remember: you are not the only one who has no idea where things are going. Embrace it and just ride it out.