Public Safety Fails to Notify Campus About Attack on Students Near OV





Four men, including two Manhattan College students, were attacked outside of Fenwick’s Bar and Grill near the Overlook Manor dormitories at 4:30 a.m. on Sept. 14. Students at Manhattan College were not alerted to this incident by the Office of Public Safety as they were alerted to three other safety incidents this semester.

According to Officer Steve Cordero of the 50th Precinct, the suspects of committing the attacks are two men in their mid-30s.

“All we know for sure is that there was a dispute and the two men assaulted four others,” said Cordero.

Cordero confirmed that the incident is still under investigation.

No arrests have been made in connection with the attack.

Juan Cerezo, director of public safety and David Erosa, associate director of public safety, both confirmed that they are cooperating with the 50th Precinct in the investigation.

Erosa said that the college community would receive an email regarding the attack as soon as the investigation was complete.

Erosa and Cerezo said that because the description of the suspects is so vague—two men in their mid-30s—they thought it was best to not release an email since they thought it would not clarify anything.

“It seems that this doesn’t even rank on their list of things to tell us about,” senior Kelly Cousins said.

Prior to being interviewed Cousins had no idea that the incident had occurred at all.

“What are we supposed to say, ‘four guys were beat up by two others’,” Erosa said.

The attack occurred outside of Fenwick’s Bar and Grill on 432 W 238th St. early Sunday morning on Sept.14. Two aggressors approached the victims and attacked them for an unknown reason.

The four victims were transported to St. Joseph’s hospital where three of them were released within hours.

At least one victim was able to provide public safety officers a statement of what happened on Sept. 14.

Despite an overall downward trend of violent crime in the 50th precinct in the past year, the college community has been alerted to numerous safety incidents in the first four weeks of the semester. These incidents include a case of indecent exposure by an individual in a parked car, an open investigation into a shot fired at the popular bar An Beal Bocht, and an incident where two female students were approached by a man attempting to lure them into his vehicle.

In each of these three incidents, an email was sent out by the Office of Public Safety within 24 hours of the incident’s occurrence.

Public Safety’s decision not to alert the Manhattan College community of this most recent incident has left several students concerned.

“This is very concerning,” Cousins said. “Especially since nothing has been done about it, at least that I know about.”

In the meantime, individuals are reminded that they can contact Public Safety about any incidents occurring near campus at 718-862-7500.

“This is not a delicate subject. There needs to be a dialogue about it [the attack],” Cousins said.