The MAGIC! of 1iota



Oh, how conflicting is the life of a New York City college student. By nature we are lazy, magnetically drawn to Netflix and our beds when in reality, we have a rambunctious city at our fingertips.

As students at Manhattan College, we are told to take advantage of the city. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out how exactly to do that. One method is through 1iota, an online ticketing service that opens doors for people looking to interact better with this town.

1iota is a great resource that offers free tickets to unique events such as talk shows, sporting events and awards programs. It is a perfect resource for really unique opportunities you only get by living in NYC. Go and watch your favorite talk shows such as The Chew, The View or Live with Kelly and Michael.


1iota is a perfect tool that every college student in New York City should take advantage of. Photo by Natalie Heinitz
1iota is a perfect tool that every college student in New York City should take advantage of. Photo by Natalie HeinitzIt also works both on a profiling and first come first serve basis, meaning you can either request tickets or be contacted if you fit a profile that a show is looking for in their audience. It is also based on attendance. If you sign up for more shows, and attend those shows you will be granted access to better and more frequent events. 

1iota provides free opportunities that city dwellers would not come across otherwise. Participating in the Fashion Rocks 2014 summer ending event is just one of the many events that 1iota members have access to.

Fashion Rocks 2014 is a live, two-hour show that takes place Sept. 9 on CBS and aims to combine the summer’s fashion and music trends into one extravaganza. Part of the show, however, will include pre-recorded concerts from a few of their music guests.

Magic!, the pop-reggae band that claimed fame this summer through their hit song, “Rude,” performed Aug. 29 at Irving Plaza for this exact reason. The short concert was recorded for television, to be aired during the live Fashion Rocks event.

1iota members gathered to fill the cozy venue, sporting the trendy and chic dress code that was asked of the Irving Plaza guests. While the workday was hardly over for most, the atmosphere held a Labor Day weekend buzz.

Attending taped events, which 1iota opportunities mainly consist of, has a wildly different feel from a live one. Before Magic! began their performance, Fashion Rocks staff reminded the audience to constantly show movement by clapping above their heads instead of below and showing enthusiasm throughout the concert.

As cameras circled just feet above the heads of the audience, Magic! performed a half hour worth of songs. The concert itself was enjoyable and lively, but knowing that it served another purpose as a feature of Fashion Rocks allowed the 1iota members in attendance an enhanced opportunity.

For any student looking to stretch their limbs into the big city but just don’t know how, 1iota is an eye-opening tool. So sign up for as many events as you can, build up your profile and take advantage of our proximity to the concrete jungle.