Little Shop of Horrors to take Smith Auditorium This Weekend

Little Shop of Horrors Logo
Little Shop of Horrors will take place in Smith Auditorium. Opening night is April 10th at 8pm.

Manhattan College’s spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors, is bound to give its audience a good laugh and a stellar performance this weekend.

Little Shop of Horrors is a comedy horror rock musical. The story follows an unlucky florist shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on human blood and flesh. The musical is based on the 1960 dark comedy film, The Little Shop of Horrors. The music is in the style of early 1960s rock and roll, doo-wop and early Motown. The audience can expect fun costumes and plenty of groovy wigs.

With just a few days to go before opening night, the cast has been working hard at memorizing their lines, preparing the set and making sure their performance will be flawless.

This week is dedicated to full run throughs of the show, otherwise known as tech week. The actors and stage crew become accustomed to the light cues, scene changes and their costumes.

“This is the part I love the most because this is when everything comes together and the magic happens,” Martin Marchitto, director of the show said.

Teddy Lyons, the voice of the plant, is both nervous and excited for the show.

“I’m definitely nervous but it’s coming together really well. Usually the last week is when everything starts to come together,” Lyons said.

One thing Lyons and the director do not have to be nervous about is the cast of the show.

“The cast is fantastic. It’s grown a lot from where it has been and Martin has been really great working with us and getting people from the outside to come in,” Hunter Loos, a cast member said.

Even with spring break interrupting their rehearsals, the cast has remained focused and dedicated to the show.

“I’m really impressed with all the talent that people are bringing to the stage,” Lyons said. “That really brought it all together and it is going to be a great performance. I hope people enjoy it.”

Be sure to check out the show this week, you definitely won’t regret it. Opening night is April 10th at 8pm, followed by performance on the 11th and 12th also at 8pm. Your last chance to see the show will be April 13th at 12pm. Each show will be held in Smith Auditorium.