What You Need to Know About Jasper Days

After undergoing an overhaul, the event formerly known as Springfest is taking a new form with a country music headliner, fireworks and a revamped schedule.

With the selection of country singer Kellie Pickler as the main performer, students have expressed mixed opinions about the switch from dance music to the more laidback performance.

“It was never a mandate that it has to be a country artist, the mandate was that it needs to be a calmer artist and if that means less students attend, unfortunately it’s better than nothing,” John Bennet, director of Student Activities, said. “From our eyes we want to make sure something happens.”

Students can expect the concert to begin around noon on April 26. Craig Campbell was announced as the opening act followed by the headliner, Kellie Pickler. The concert will be held in Draddy Gymnasium and will last about two hours.

Following the performances will be the annual Dorm Wars and Commuter Wars. The two events have been combined to take up the majority of Saturday afternoon. In previous years Dorm Wars was held on a separate weekend but because Jasper Days is a two-day event, student activities has decided to include it in the schedule.

“I think having dorm wars on this weekend will bring more participation because not as many people will be home for the weekend,” junior Kat Varone said.

The fireworks show will take place later that Saturday night.

“Currently, the contract calls for the fireworks to be fired off from Van Cortland Park around 9:00, 9:30,” Bennett said. The show will last about 10 minutes and Gaelic Park is said to be the place to be for the best view.

Evening mass on Sunday will be moved to the afternoon so that students will be able to attend the spring performing arts concert which will be start around 2 p.m.

Student Activities has also purchased 1,000 tickets to the Yankee game that Sunday night at 8 p.m. Tickets for the game will go on sale one week beforehand for $5 per ticket.

“I’m particularly excited for the Yankee game. It will be fun to have so many other students there,” Melissa Brenner a freshman said.

While the weekend has undergone numerous changes, “It was really important to our office to still provide the students with something,” Bennett said.