Jasper Jams: Almost Spring Break Playlist

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Almost Spring Break Playlist

Spring Break is right around the corner and cannot come soon enough. While it may seem blasphemous, the general consensus among Manhattan College students is that we have simply had enough with snow days and harsh winter weather. Unfortunately, standing in the way of a much-needed weeklong break are tests, papers and midterms. Take a break from studying with this Jasper Jams playlist that will quickly transport you away to a warm and sunny island paradise.

 1) “Sirens (Mollono.Bass Remix)” by Monkey Safari

Monkey Safari is a team of brothers from Germany who make quirky remixes and catchy electronic songs. According to their website, “Happy, silly and fun sounds are the result of their creativity.” This remix by Mollono.Bass just adds a little more punch to their classical guitar- centered track that will have you feeling like you are lounging on a white sandy beach.

 2) “Easy” by Real Estate

If you haven’t heard of Real Estate, you don’t know what you are missing. The beachy summer vibes from this indie band’s music make it seem like they recorded it right next to the ocean. Even better, their sound also has rich instrumentation and interesting lyrics to match. “Easy” is the lead track from their 2011 album “Days” and is definitely worth a listen.

 3) “Finder” by Ninetoes

There must be something in the water over in Deutschland because here we have another awesome tropical dance track from a DJ from Germany. Pulsating beats and steel drums with a deep house flair, what more could you want?

 4) “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys

The quintessential song for an island vacation, “Kokomo” was a late smash hit for the classic American band. While there is no real Kokomo “off the Florida Keys,” the lyrics reference plenty of other actual Caribbean islands worth a visit.  It’s probably not too late to book your plane tickets.

 5) “The Only Place” by Best Coast

While I don’t know if I agree that the West Coast is the best coast, California is very tempting with all of the ice we have seen in New York this winter. Regardless, Best Coast is a group that has a cool garage rock sound similar to Real Estate and other bands like Wavves.

 6) “Mellow Mood” by Bob Marley

The undisputed king of reggae and a modern-day cultural icon, Bob Marley is a figure with a unique history and life story. Political impacts aside, there is no denying the power and popularity of his music. “Mellow Mood” is not one of his biggest hits, but should be considered with the rest as one of his best.

 7) “So Good to Me” by Chris Malinchak

Something about this track just makes you want to sit back and relax. Close your eyes and soak in the nu disco melodies until Spring Break finally arrives.