Ongoing Investigation in Jasper Hall

Students kicked off the weekend with an email from residence life stating that “an unknown person was observed recording a female student who was showering on the third floor of Jasper Hall.  The unknown person was using an iPhone with a dark purple case on it.”

The New York Police Department, residence life and public safety are conducting an ongoing investigation into the incident, according to the same email.

Supervisor Lara of public safety said that there is a guard patrolling Jasper Hall at every hour, but otherwise declined to comment on the investigation.

“Security is always a top priority in all of our residence halls,” Andrew Weingarten, interim director of residence life, wrote in an email. “Residence Life has trained staff in each hall 24 hours/day ensuring the safety of all students.”

“We can’t discuss individual student concerns or investigations due to their sensitive and confidential nature,” Weingarten wrote in the same email. “I can assure you, however, that we always do everything in our power to investigate and resolve incidents while focusing on the well-being and education of our students.”

Residents on the third floor of Jasper Hall are disturbed by the incident.

“It was pretty unfortunate and definitely scary too,” Zhane Carnedas said. “I hope they find whoever it is.”

“I just think it’s weird,” Sydney MacDonald said. “It’s so immature too. Someone’s trying to be funny.”

Cardenas also said that she has noticed more security in Jasper Hall and that a female security guard checked up on the bathroom while she was showering.

“That made me feel safe and secure,” she said.

The resident assistant on the third floor of Jasper Hall chose not to comment on the incident.

After students were alerted of the incident, public safety sent an email to the student body outlining basic safety tips in the residence halls. Its states that students should “keep all the doors and windows locked, and do not allow or encourage unauthorized visitors in the hall, room or suite.”

Any students with information on this incident are encouraged to anonymously report it to the office of public safety and the office of residence life.