You Know You’re a Jasper If….


Once becoming acquainted with Manhattan College traditions and norms, one quickly discovers that some things can only be understood by fellow jaspers.

– For starters, you’ve had to explain countless times what a Jasper is

As we all know, our mascot stems from Brother Jasper of Mary F.S.C. who invented the “7th Inning Stretch,” in baseball. The story goes that on a rather boiling hot day when MC was playing the Metropolitans, Brother Jasper noticed that students were becoming fidgety. So in response, he called a time out and told the students to get up and stretch for a few minutes until the game resumed. This practice spread into the major leagues because MC annually played the New York Giants back in the 1880s and 1890s so now it is an American custom.

– You’ve also had to explain that Manhattan College is actually located in the Bronx

Time for another quick history lesson: MC used to be located in the Manhattanville section of Harlem but then relocated because it outgrew its facilities there.

– More recently, you become overly excited when finding a clean, clear cup to drink out of in Locke’s

“You know it’s a good day when your cup in Locke’s is clear and not cloudy,” said Menna Elkady, a junior chemical engineering major. Clean eating utensils are the best eating utensils, enough said.

– You’ve learned that if you are trying to avoid anyone on this campus you will bump into them, at least 3 times, possibly before 12 p.m., on any given day

It is a phenomena that has happened to all of us. MC has such a small campus and student body that it is nearly impossible to not see everyone all the time. It’s always a good time at MC to confront that awkward make-out at Cannon’s you had over the weekend or that friend you got into a spat with last night while on your way to class or the dining hall.

– The quad (or Van Cortlandt) is the only place you want to be on a hot, sunny day

“You want to spend all day on the quad instead of in class when it’s nice out,” junior communication major Ian Rhatigan said. If you are an upperclassman, or a particularly wise freshman, you have learned to save your unexcused absences for when the weather is on point. The idea of snuggling up under the covers when it is cold can be appealing, but you know you will regret it when Mr. Sun comes out to play.

– Last but not least, you have walked to the gym, water bottle in hand, headphones in ears, only to find out that it is closed for a sporting event or some other random reason

“You know you’re a Jasper when you’ve gone to the gym at 5 p.m. to find out that they’re unnecessarily closed,” junior radiation therapy major Raenah Farina said. This part of being a Jasper is quite annoying. For those who frequent the school’s facilities, it is practically a daily routine to have to find out what time the gym closes. The schedule is merely a myth most days.