Quick Q&A with The Quad Staff: Claire Leaden

Managing and Features Editor Claire Leaden.
Managing and Features Editor Claire Leaden.

Who: Managing and Features Editor, Claire Leaden

Year: Junior

Majors: Communication (Concentration: Public Relations) and French

Q: Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island (& why)?

A: I would probably want my younger sister because she’s into all that weird survival stuff. Like she knows which plants are poisonous and she actually has a bow and arrow…she basically lives in the woods. She would definitely be the best for all that jazz. Plus she’s my sister so she’s one of my best friends.

Q: Who is your favorite author/what is your favorite book?

A: I actually had the same answer as Michelle—I love Agatha Christie because I love mystery books. On a different note, I also really like J.D. Salinger and I’ve read all his other stuff not just “Catcher in the Rye.” He has a book of short stories (“Nine Stories”) which I’ve read through a bunch of times.

Q: What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?

A: I think all the “grown-up” stuff that nobody really teaches you and you still end up having to ask your parents about…like filling out tax forms, cooking dinner, changing the oil in your car, reading a map, etc.

Q: What is the #1 most played song or artist on your iPod?

A: I don’t know how to find out the #1 most played song but the least embarrassing ones on my ‘Top 25 Most Played’ playlist are “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac or “Call Me Irresponsible” by Frank Sinatra. Sadly I do listen to a lot of Taylor Swift though.

Q: What is your goal for the Quad/your section this semester/year?

A: For Features I really just want to draw attention to some of the super interesting people at this school. I’m hoping for a lot of great profiles, plus some in-depth articles about real issues that affect students directly.