WRCM Radio Hosts Share What It’s Like to be Behind the Mic

By Jilleen Barrett, Features Editor/Managing Editor Ever wonder what it’s like to host a radio show? With WRCM back on the airwaves, some Manhattan students have decided to do just that.  Colin Sweeney, a senior at the college, hosts “BoingYoingYoing!” from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays. He had been hoping to join the club radio for a few semesters but with the water … Continue reading WRCM Radio Hosts Share What It’s Like to be Behind the Mic

WRCM Is Alive and Well at MC

By Mary Haley and Adrianne Hutto, Staff Writer & Production Editor Manhattan College’s radio station, WRCM, has accepted new DJs for the Fall 2022 semester. After water damage in the booth and several members falling to covid infections last year, their recovery plays like an underdog story.  Students may have already seen the WRCM on campus during orientation and at the club fair. This is … Continue reading WRCM Is Alive and Well at MC

WRCM Back on the Airwaves

by Nicole Fitzsimmons & Jocelyn Visnov, News Editor & Asst. Production Editor Following a challenging hybrid spring semester, Manhattan College’s own radio station, WRCM, shut down their airwaves for safety. Yet, as the college continues to reopen for in-person activities, WRCM has announced that radio shows will resume during this fall semester with increased precautions. During the spring 2021 semester, rising COVID-19 cases and quarantine procedures … Continue reading WRCM Back on the Airwaves

WRCM Ready to Rock the Block for Third Semester

By Gabriella DePinho & Pete Janny, Editor-in-Chief & Sports Editor As the spring semester starts and students get back into the groove of things, WRCM is keeping campus groovy. WRCM, Manhattan College’s radio station, is back for its third consecutive semester. While WRCM has already made impressive strides since its rebirth in Feb. 2018, the club has set their sights even higher this semester in … Continue reading WRCM Ready to Rock the Block for Third Semester

WRCM Returns to “Airwaves”

by MEGAN DREHER, Editor-in-Chief After a long-awaited return to the airwaves, the reboot of Manhattan College’s radio station WRCM is back for Fall 2019. Having seen tremendous growth from the initial launch in February, members of the executive board as well as new and returning DJs are excited to be back for an anticipated successful semester. While there was much that went into airing WRCM back in … Continue reading WRCM Returns to “Airwaves”


by Gabriella DePinho,  News Editor After seeing an Instagram story by Alex Nieves, host of WRCM’s CREW (Crediting Rappers Everywhere) radio show, I got in touch with him and quickly arranged for me to head down to the radio studio the night of his next show. Nieves had been advertising that Christian Roodal, a shortly graduating senior, who goes by the name DJ ROODZ would be DJing … Continue reading DJ ROODZ Tears Up WRCM

Manhattan College’s Radio Makes a Comeback

by Brian Asare, Photography Editor WRCM, Manhattan college’s student run radio station, has been around since the 1970s, but due to some major setbacks and lack of personnel, the radio station was forced into dormancy in 2014 and had no signs of coming back until now. The revival of the WRCM was definitely something that did not happen overnight. Led by sophomore communication major Samantha Walla, WRCM … Continue reading Manhattan College’s Radio Makes a Comeback

Live on the Air: A History of WRCM

1972—Julio Vazquez and Jacob Sanok emerge bleary-eyed from Manhattan College’s radio station facilities. For the past 83 hours and 15 minutes, the two student disc jockeys have remained awake playing music, conducting interviews and providing commentary to those tuning in around campus. The pair abandoned sleep in order to break the school record for most consecutive hours on the air. Their stunt was pulled not … Continue reading Live on the Air: A History of WRCM