Manhattan Caucus: Gearing Up to Vote

by Sophia Sakellariou, Senior Writer Welcome to Manhattan Caucus, a biweekly column that provides the Manhattan College community with election news and information as we gear up for the 2020 Presidential Election. To kick off this semester, we’ve started with the basics: voting.   Voting is one of the greatest ways to be politically active and perform your civic duty as an American citizen. However, it is not … Continue reading Manhattan Caucus: Gearing Up to Vote

Manhattan Caucus: October 11

Manhattan Caucus is a column in the news section, which will run weekly until Election Day, offering students a voice in the ongoing presidential elections. The Washington Post released a video from 2005 on Friday evening in which Trump recounts an instance where he made sexual advances on a married woman, and describes his impulsive physical attraction toward women. Senior Erika Finan was outraged at … Continue reading Manhattan Caucus: October 11