A Hidden Oasis: The Magic of the MET Cloisters

The view from the entrance of the Met Cloisters. REBECCA KRANICH/THE QUADRANGLE By  Rebecca Kranich, Social Media Editor Just seven subway stops from campus lies a castle-like structure, hidden by the greenery as the steeple towers over the surrounding city buildings; the Met Cloisters is a secret portal to the past.  Marisa Lerer, Ph.D., interim chair of the art history and digital media art department, … Continue reading  A Hidden Oasis: The Magic of the MET Cloisters

A Daydream Like World

At a very young age, children learn the beauty of daydreaming. Their fantasies help them understand the world that surrounds them. Imagining dragons flying in the sky, a prince saving his princess and an evil witch occupy their minds until they can continue their fantasies into their dreams. The Metropolitan Opera allows for adults to rediscover the beauty of daydreaming that may have been lost … Continue reading A Daydream Like World