ITS Expands Campus Wi-Fi Bandwidth

October 31, 2015

by JACK MELANSON, Staff Writer Today, Wi-Fi is essential for the overall success of a college student. Being the outlet for both information and entertainment, JasperNet when running properly allows students to research for their classes, check [...]

The Yik Yak App: MC’s Latest Obsession

May 5, 2014

Yik Yak, a new phone application that allows one to anonymously post to a feed based on their location, is the new obsession of some Manhattan College students. It has been funny and intriguing but also a place to cyber bully many students, myself [...]

MC to Limit Student Printing

February 2, 2014

Most students thought that printing on campus was unlimited and that would never change, but students may be prevented from printing if a printing cap is put in place. In the near future this could be a very real thing for the students who exceed [...]

Engineering Class Pilots the Flip Class

February 2, 2014

Many college students have experienced moments when they wish they could stay in their beds but still get credit for going to class, especially during the icy winter months. With the new concept of a flip class here at Manhattan, this may become a [...]